My Wellness Journey

About 10 years ago, I struggled with sinus infections, head aches and felt drained all the time. I went to the doctors where they prescribed me antibiotics, and steroids to help kick the infection. However the infections still were there.

For 7 months I struggled with sinus infection Antibiotics didn’t help. Nasel spray didn’t work. But then I was introduced to the Neti pot and it miraculously worked. However the cycle continued and I just couldn’t understand why.

In 2016, I was introduced to oils but I wasn’t convinced there really was something called pure oils. I didn’t understand what pure seed to seal truly meant. However, when I diffused the store brand oil within 30 minutes my eyes started to swell and my sinuses became inflamed. That was when I knew not ever oil was created equal and it got me thinking that there was more to Young Living oils and household projects that I needed to discover.

At this point I started to notice the chemicals in my home. I once was gifted the natural aveeno baby wash. I decided to test it out on my face but within a minute my face bright red and felt like it was on fire. The next thing I noticed was the hand soaps dried my hands out using lotion from bath and body works made the situation worse.

Another example I have is when I used thieves tooth paste for a year and decided to see if the Colgate brand was still okay to use. I immediately could taste the chemicals in the Colgate tooth paste. I also have not bought store bought juice from the store however I had friends and family in town at the time and didn’t have a ningxia order in and so I bought store bought and literally could taste the chemicals in the juice.

This is because we have been conditioned to believe chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides are safe when they are not. Unfortunately, Our taste buds have been conditioned and are used to it and we are subjecting our kids and family to this every day. So if your ready to take the dive into wellness and would like to learn how to get your oils for FREE contact me here or on my Facebook page. Click the button below to join the team!!

Be confident in yourself and you will go far.



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