Failing before even getting started.

I sat in my room thinking of all the possible things I could be. I dreamed of creating businesses, writing books, acting, and a lot more. As the creative ideas started to flood my mind , I found out that other thoughts were flooding in as well. Fear, doubt, lack of money and time, my ideas wouldn’t work and these thoughts pushed me to never try.

I ended up giving up before I even got started.

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I used to wish someone would knock on my door and give me the chance to succeed or scope me out like a movie star or honestly sometimes I wished I could just crawl underneath the covers from the pressure I gave myself. Was my lack of trying due to constant criticism from close family and friends? Was I fearful and lacked ambition? Those could have been a factor but I found out that the biggest factor to my failure was myself.

I wanted to create/be something so badly but when the time came to do something I was to tired, scared, embarrassed or made excuses to myself why I wouldn’t start one of the plans I had. I found out that it was failure that scared me and I wouldn’t allow myself to become vulnerable.

I did not want to fail.

I was watching a movie called “The Last Word” and the main character said something along the lines of wanting the person who was writing her obituary to “fail and fail miserably.” (You will have to watch the movie to understand why the girl is writing her obituary before she dies)…anyway this got me thinking. What do I have to lose?? Why not try and fail? This sentence, though, I found out is easier said than done.

When we look at failure we don’t look at it as success. We try something out once or twice and then deem that dream impossible to start. Sometimes we just don’t do it cause we think it’s never going to work. Or the biggest hit in the gut can be the people most important to us make us feel inferior or that our dreams are unimportant.

But what if the good God up above planned it that way to test our character and strength? To see if we would still pull threw with our dreams and desires? To have the strength to fail and try again takes courage. If we could allow ourselves to become failures first allowing the possibility to become successful who knows who you could become.

I know that some of my dreams will never launch and that’s okay! We can’t be down on ourselves if we took all the steps in trying to create a business/dream come true and not all of them can come true. I would rather know my dreams didn’t launch because I failed than didn’t try anything at all.

I know some of you reading may have already attempted to make your plans come true and you may be or have been disappointed but don’t be! Be encouraged and strengthened to find the dream and passion that suits you. You may be surprised that the thing you love to do is something you never thought of.

We have to be the generation that stops squashing ourselves before we even get the chance to blossom and become the people we are meant to be. In reality, it’s silly to think that we can come right out of school/college and become super stars right away.

Dreams (sometimes) take time and patience to build. Who knows you may even find a different path than the one you had in mind. You never know if something your dreaming and planning right now will be successful if you don’t take that chance of failing. So I encourage you to take that leap of faith and just do it!

Do you have a passion,desire or success story? I would love to know! Comment your thoughts below.

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4 responses to “Failing before even getting started.”

  1. I’ve definitely done this, but at the end of the day I’m thankful for the simple things… Because I know people out there that have nothing.

    I say never give up on your dreams!


    1. I agree with you! Don’t give up ❤️


  2. Falling before even getting started . That one line defines all my actions . Your post was so relatable to the person i used to be just a few months ago . Im sure it will help others 🙂
    Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words! I am glad to hear you liked the post! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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