What I found out about pregnancy.

What I found out about pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be a beautiful event that takes place in a couples life. For others, it can be a traumatizing experience that can leave us feeling depressed, and sick for 9 months.

I ended up being the second person. Being sick for most of my pregnancy made me realize that a lot of what I was expecting wasn’t my reality. Here is a few things I found out about my pregnancy:

What I thought about Morning sickness:

Before I got pregnant, I thought I would be sick for the first trimester and maybe a little into the second trimester. I didn’t limit on how sick I was going to be but I definitely didn’t research how harsh pregnancy sickness could be.

Morning sickness reality:

We all want beautiful pregnancies but that definitely did not happen in my time being pregnant. Not to say the life I was creating wasn’t beautiful but I had Hypermesis Gravidarum throughout my pregnancy and that my friends, is not beautiful! I went to the hospital 5 times for sever vomiting and dehydration, basically had every pregnancy symptom out there, including itchy arm pits. I know I didn’t have the worst pregnancy case out there but none the less it was still harsh for me to handle.

I learned that zolfran is my best friend and researching as much information as you can BEFORE getting pregnant is very beneficial, helpful and insightful.

What I heard from other people:

I kept hearing for the first trimester that “it will pass”, stories of how they prevailed in pregnancy and that I just needed to push myself, and was given a long list of “remedies” to help ease the pain. In addition, I wasn’t ready for the tsunami wave of advice from so many people.

What really happened:

Those long list of remedies didn’t help me at all! Maybe they work for mild cases but not mine…my sickness never passed either. It only lightened over time.

People like to help with advice but I didn’t always find this helpful and sometimes it even stressed me out more! Even though I would try to say my peace and stand up for myself, the people around me seemed to not listen or get irritated that I wasn’t taking their advice. This made me feel almost judged and ridiculed for every decision I made. Instead of advice, I wished people would have just sympathized with me, asked me what I had found out or what I have been doing in pregnancy.

I know they are trying to help but trust your instincts and stick to what you believe is right! I had many times where I ignored my symptoms because of someone’s advice and I paid for it later.

What I thought about my husband:

I thought that I would be able to make him meals, clean the house, work, volunteer, church, and still do the things I loved to do with him.

What Really happened:

Because I was so sick most days, I was unable to do a lot of the tasks I used to do. My husband, being the awesome man he is, basically “carried” the extra weight that I couldn’t do on his shoulders. I was able to help more in the middle of my pregnancy which was a blessing but it wasn’t anything compared to what I had been able to do before I got pregnant. My husband has said that he feels extra prepared to be a father from taking care of me so much. Either way, I am very thankful for him and have been blessed by his actions.

What I think birth will feel like:

I have imagined the best kind of pain and the worse kind of pain. I also have imagined how I will breathe, grunt, poop, and how my husband will catch the baby.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

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