Life on a Breeze

I love poetry and lately I have had this poem going through my head. I hope you enjoy!

The Seed Is young and has sprouted with joy

It dances and sways like his mother does

Young and free amongst the trees

Young and free to grow as he please

The spring has sprung it’s youthful song

Sweet summer winds blow in from the east

A new air has come with the summer sun

The young tree still dances as it should

But now with wisdom

throughout its wood

He is not alone in his dance for another seed snatches his glance

She dances and flutters in the summer sun soon they know they both will become one

Fall is the time to fall in love

They both dance in the autumn sun

Their leaves have changed with colors beyond

A new little life has taken flight

They are happy together as three

The winter winds make them dance in varying ways

But they stay strong as they sway.

Their bones are brittle and have less strength

The loving lady can not take She sways and swishes but can not hold on

She knows it’s time to just move on.

She danced her last in the winter sun she said goodbye to her love and son

The seasons have changed and time has gone by

All that is left is a stump by his side

But in his sway he remembers her gaze in his dance he remembers their days

He is old and his bark is grey but he still sees her the same way.

Now it is time for his last goodbye as he remembers the way they danced

Soon I will see you , soon, at last.

The seed is young sprouted with joy

6 responses to “Life on a Breeze”

  1. This is a beautiful poem!!

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  2. Beautiful illustration of the stages of life.

    (Side note: be careful with writing “there” when you mean “their”)

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  3. What a sweet little poem! Aw, why did the lady have to die?

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    1. That is a good question! The lady dies to show how life gives and takes. Yet death is always sad it shows that he still loves her and will never forget her. It shows the beauty and sadness of what life has to offer. I hope that answers your question 😊

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      1. That does! Thanks for taking the time to answer it so well.


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