My Mary Kay Makeover

Since I am towards the end of my pregnancy, I decided it was time to get some relaxation time in  and treat myself with a facial/makeover.

When I asked my friend Heather, who is a makeup consultant for MaryKay, if we could do a mommy makeover she was 100% willing to provide. Setting up an appointment time was super easy, fast, and best of all stress free!

Even though we could have done the makeover at my house, I decided that checking out the studio would give the spa like ambiance I was searching for! As I walked through the studio doors I felt relaxed and welcomed by her sweet, and joyful spirit.

While I was there I found out a little history about this pink colored brand of makeup. Mary Kay Ash started Mary Kay in Dallas, Texas with her kids and a few friends. It is a faith based makeup that puts God first, Family Second, and Career third. You could really feel the family connections as Heather talked about the impact Mary Kay had on her life. If you would like more information about Mary Kay please contact my sweet friend Heather at #HeatherraywithMaryKay

I decided to blog about my makover because hey what girl doesn’t like to see a makeup transformation!

Let’s get started…




We started of cleaning my face with the beautiful line called Time-wise. The first product she had me use was the 3 in 1 cleanser.

  • This cleanser is soft to the skin
  • It cleanses, tones and mildly exfoliates the face
  • Use: 2x a day
3 in 1 Cleanser
She said to use a pea size amount. I clearly did not do that.

The next product she had me use was a charcoal mask. At first, I was a little skeptical to use this mask because I have seen people use charcoal masks and have their eyebrows ripped out. To my relief, this mask is super easy to take off and it smells great too!

  • Deep cleans your pores
  • Lightens and brightens your skin
  • Beautiful smell of eucalyptus and rosemary
  • Use: 2-3x a week
Mary Kay Deep-cleansing Charcoal mask
Do I look beautiful yet?

If you can see in the picture this mask gives a deep cleanse to your pores. *Fun fact: Pores do not have elasticity which means if you do not cleanse and deep clean your pores, they will only get bigger in size!

The next product she had me use was the Day solution or as she liked to call it “Spanxs for your face”.

  • Has an SPF of 35
  • Protects your skin
  • Full of nutrients and anti-aging benefits
Mary Kay Day solution

The Anti-aging moisturizer 

  • lasts 12 hours
  • Has anti-aging benefits
Mary Kay Age-fighting moisturizer

When she said that the Mary Kay Foundation Primer felt like satin on your face, she wasn’t kidding! This primer definitely did its job and I will be buying it!

  • Gives matte look to makeup
  • Keeps makeup in place
  • Feels like Satin to your face
Mary Kay Foundation Primer

After my face enjoyed a wonderful cleanse and exfoliation, next came the makeup. We took a more natural look to my makeup making my skin shine and my eyes twinkle! I usually wear very little makeup to begin with but this look felt like nothing was on my face and gave me a beautiful glow. I absolutely adored the eyeshadow and mascara! Check out the caption to see what I am wearing.

What I am wearing: *CC Cream in Light to Medium *Translucent powder *Cream Eye color in Iced Cocoa and Beach Blonde *Liquid Pen Eye Liner in Black *Ultimate Mascara in Black *Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush *Raspberry Ice Semi-Shine lipstick.
*Cream Eye color in Iced Cocoa and Beach Blonde *Liquid Pen Eye Liner in Black *Ultimate Mascara in Black


Heather and I looking Fabulous!

2 responses to “My Mary Kay Makeover”

  1. Your makeup looks great! 😊 I LOVE the Mary Kay Timewise moisturizer! It’s one of the only ones I can use because my skin is very prone to allergic reactions/irritation.

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    1. I enjoyed it as well:)

      Liked by 1 person

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