A Promise for Moms

Throughout my pregnancy, I have been going back and forth about what it means to be a great mom. I, like many other moms-to-be, have struggled with the thought of “losing” my identity of who I am now to take on the new role of being a mom. I have talked  with my husband multiple times, prayed, and talked with other moms who gave great advice, yet I still felt like I was losing myself.

I felt depressed at the thought of giving up everything I was so used to. I was struggling to come to realization that things would be different. Everything that my husband and I had built would be changing. I didn’t want things to change. I had become so comfortable with the way things have been that I wanted so desperately to hold onto it.

But why did I want to hold onto it so badly? I realized that I had let fear and doubt overcome my heart. I feared that I wouldn’t be able to do all the things I wanted to do with my life. I feared that my husband wouldn’t like or trust who I was as a mother. But most of all, I doubted that God would bless me with a good home, and family. I was letting these thoughts impact me but God had something way different for me. He had a promise for my family that was completely different then what I had been accepting.

Psalms 128:1-4 says:

 “How joyful are those who fear the Lord-all who follow His ways! You will enjoy the fruit of your labor. How joyful and prosperous you will be! Your wife will be like a fruitful grapevine, flourishing within your home. Your children will be like vigorous young olive trees as they sit around your table. That is the Lord’s blessing for those who fear Him.”

The first thing that came to my mind was “what does it mean to fear the Lord?” I know this can speak differently to other people but to me this means to obey His laws and commands especially when we do not want to. I feel like it does not mean to be afraid, as in I’m scared of you, but to have respect and have knowledge of what He is able to do.

The next verses speak of the promises God has for your family. You shall be prosperous, your home will flourish, and your children will be strong! This can mean so many things to many people as we all have dreams and desires that are different. For me, this promise gives me confidence and hope that God has given me that ability to be a great mom. He has given me the strength, understanding and the ability to multitask a ba-billion tasks. This gives me courage to know that being a mom enhances the plans I have for my family and it doesn’t down grade them.

I know that my life will not be the same or at all perfect, but I get the joy and pleasure to build a family based on Gods will. I know He has big plans for my family and I am ready for whatever challenge that may come my way. I will hold true to my promise and hope that this promise encourages other moms to have the confidence they need to succeed. If you’re a mom who is struggling I encourage you to reach out to people you trust! I am so glad you came across my page! Please let me know what this verse means to you! Have a blessed day!


I would like to thank http://tshawwriter.wordpress.com/  for reminding me of Psalms 128:1-4!

Featured image link: https://pixabay.com/photo-888299/


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