5 Tips for Acid Reflux

I suffered with acid reflux for 2 weeks when I was pregnant and decided “nope, I’m not doing that!” I didn’t want to deal with waking up from a deep sleep because my throat was on fire or having this uncontrollably urge to vomit from all the pain I was having.

I know there is a chance it could come back in the 3rd trimester but as long as I know what triggers it I can help prevent it. I know that these are not magical, instant cures and everything works differently for everyone but it’s worth a try, right? So, here is a short list of 5 ways that helped me reduce my acid reflux.


Change diet: I found out having eggs everyday and bananas triggered my acid reflux. I’m not sure why this was but my theory is that since they are both very rich in vitamins and protein it could have had a chemical reaction to my stomach acid. Other foods I cut out or mostly cut out was: spices, oils, dairy, hot spicy foods, and fatty greasy or deep-fried foods. When I cut these foods (mostly) out of my diet I noticed a big difference in how I was feeling. I basically created the blandest diet that was soft for my stomach to handle and where my digestive juices could break down the food easily.


Eating on a schedule: Eating every 1 1/2 hours never lets the tummy get empty. Once empty you may have a bigger problem on your hands from over excessive acid.🤢 Over eating can irritate the stomach and create very little space to digest food. The only other option for the food to go is up.

img_4744Papaya pills: These are awesome but do not buy the mint flavored ones! Mint has been known to trigger acid reflux. These were a blessing!! These digestive enzymes help with coating the lining of your stomach and give a higher level of support to your digestive system.. *Ps these are the ones with mint but I did use the plan ones as well.


Drink water! I mean a whale ton of water! I would think I was hungry but I ended up being very thirsty. Drinking enough water keeps things flowing in your system, and it helped me keep stomach acid down. Whenever I felt the burning sensation creeping up my throat I would take 2 big gulps of room temperature water and it would help relieve the burning. If that didn’t help I sucked on some ice cubs.


Incline your bed: Inclining your bed helps elevate your head above your stomach which helps keep the acid down. I have been doing this since my 17th week of pregnancy and will continue to do so until I give birth. You can also place pillows around you to support your head, arms and back. *Warning it may take a bit to get used to sleeping on an incline and it may increase hip pain.

Let me know if you tried any of these methods and how they helped!

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