Freshly Squeezed Juice

I shared a blog about my Moody Berry Smoothie and now I am excited to share with you my Pregnancy punching freshly squeezed juice. Ps you don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy this drink:)

This freshly squeezed juice is amazing in vitamins, all natural sugars and free of harmful chemicals and fructose corn syrup. It has a sweet taste with a hint of freshness. It’s quick and easy to make too! Enjoy!

Prep time 10 min

Here is what you will need:

A juicer

1 Orange

2 cut Apples

3 wedges of a grapefruit

1 medium sized Carrot

2 Celery

1/4 or less of a Beet

1/4 or less of a Cucumber

Preparing to juice:

  • Wash all fruits and vegetables
  • You will need to peel or slice off the rind of the orange and grapefruit.
  • Cut apples in half so the machine will process it better.
  • You can use up to 1/2 a beet. You don’t need a lot to taste the beets.
  • Place in juicer and watch the juicing magic.

This recipe is easy to modify so play around and have fun! Hope you enjoy!

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