Pregnancy-week 30 and 31

I am going to be really honest. I wish I could be writing consistently, but I have been ill from the pregnancy. I wish the time would speed up so I could meet him and I would not be pregnant. Even though I’m almost 32 weeks, I forgot about my 30 week update so I just combined 30&31.

Baby is kicking everywhere. He likes to find one spot to kick and repeatedly kicks there for a good 20 minutes. He is the size of a large coconut and weights about 3 pounds. My tummy has not changed in size.

Yesterday, I felt amazing. I was able to organize baby room, do chores around the house, work out, and make enchiladas. I felt almost like my old self again.

Today, I feel so ill. My stomach hurts, I barely want to eat, I feel like vomiting and my body aches everywhere. I barely slept last night and had acid reflux in the middle of the night..ouch. It was my fault for eating something right before bed. I am very emotional today with crazy mood swings and exhausted from lack of sleep.

I’m so tired of being pregnant. I feel like this entire pregnancy has been miserable. It feels like I have become the opposite of everything I used to be. I am thankful and praise God for this miracle but I find myself wondering why I am one of the many “lucky” ones to suffer through this?? Pregnancy is hard y’all and I need some prayers heading my way!

9 responses to “Pregnancy-week 30 and 31”

  1. I’m sorry your pregnancy has been so tough! Sending love and prayers. ❤️ When is your due date?

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    1. I am due In February. I meant put my 30 & 31 week but my pregnancy brain thought I was already 32 weeks

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  2. Praying for you, Bethany! ❤️

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    1. Thank you very much!


  3. It’s nice to read every week updates… but kicking 30 minutes 🙃

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    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoy!

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    2. Oh that was supposed to be 20 minutes. It averages between a good 10-20min.

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