A Note to the First Time Mom

A Note to the First Time Mom

To the first time mom who feels that their whole world is up in a whirl, everything will be okay. You will get through this. I remember speaking with a friend about how afraid and unsure I was about becoming a mom because of my parents divorce. I didn’t want my child to experience what I had to go through. That made me insecure about the thought of being a mom.

I talked to my husband on how I felt throughout the pregnancy but while being pregnant I just felt so many emotions and couldn’t help wonder what the future held. The moment I felt that fear disappear was 1 month after my son was born. That fear was replaced with unconditional love. My son has enhanced my life for the better and has added to the dreams of my heart.

There will be hard times where you will cry and there will be days you will feel the success and complete awe of your child. Also, It’s okay to take time for you! Like they say you have to put your oxygen mask on first before you help someone else. So don’t feel guilty for taking those much needed breathers. Ask for help when you become overwhelmed and Remember you are the perfect mom with all the imperfections. Give your self time to adjust and know that mistakes are not failures but tools to help us grow. Relax and know you are a super mom and doing great!

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