Things to know about BEFORE buying a shampoo and conditioner bars

So recently I have been really into being healthy and using products that are more natural. Along with this quest for seeking new healthier options, I also have been searching out how to have a “zero” waste home. I decided to start with my bathroom. I started making this amazing sweet orange deodorant which isn’t sticky like some natural ones can be and it’s super fun to make. Anyway back to this post and why I’m writing. Recently I have been on the search for new shampoo and conditioner. I had been using Shea moisturizer but it left my hair greasy and looking like I hadn’t washed it. It just didn’t work well with my hair. My hair is thick, semi normal to oily and this just fueled the fire per-se. So by the time I needed a new shampoo, I had been really interested in using a shampoo and conditioner bar and I think I hit the jackpot the first time I bought one.

The brand I bought is called Ethique. They are environmental conscious and against animal cruelty. The soap is tiny but I saw that one bar can equal 3 shampoo bottles. (I’m not sure of the ounces of shampoo bottles) here are 5 reasons I made the switch and hope you do to.

1. Different bars of soap

The soap I bought is called St. Clements. This bar of soap smells like a walk through an citrus field and is made of ingredients like rosemary, lemon, and more. For the conditioner, I bought the “wonder bar” which really is a wonderful soft conditioner that smells like coconut. They also have another conditioner bar called the guardian. One of the best things is they have different types of bars for a variety of hair types. The one I bought works well with the wonder bar but to be honest I probably could have gotten away with buying pinkalicious which is for normal hair.

You just really have to make sure your picking out the right one for you or else you may be disappointed. They also have a sample pack which contains 3 shampoos and 2 conditioners. Here are a couple that you can buy: frizz wrangler, heali kiwi, tip to toe, and a couple more. Not only do they have hair products but they also have face and body washes as well.

2. Saving you money

One of the plus sides to these bars is if you store them correctly you can get a lot of use out of them. They say that you can get about 2-5x more use than liquid products. You really do have to make sure your storing them in a container with air flow so they can get dry. You will not get very much use if you keep it on the shelf where water can keep hitting it. It will literally melt. The good news is you can buy a cute bamboo container or you can use a plastic container like I did.( ps I poked holes in my container for air flow…it does the job but it ain’t pretty)

The cost of one bar is about 15.50(not including tax) and for conditioner, face and body wash the price varies. I whole hearted believe this is one of the best purchase of hair soap. I haven’t used it that long to see if it equals the 3 shampoo bottles but I am hoping it does last that long and if not I think it’s definitely worth the money which leads me to my next point.

3. Feels and looks amazing

Now I’m not saying this is going to work for everyone. You may try one or two bars with success or complete failure. For my experience, I absolutely love them! My hair is shiny, bouncy, thick and has grown about an inch since using it. My head doesn’t itch nearly as often and my dandruff has almost disappeared. My hair also stays and feels clean for up to 3-4 days after washing. I really have had a success with this bars and just love them so much! I do hope they last as long as they say they do cause that would be the only downfall.

4. Environmentally friendly and free from animal cruelty

So the box they come in is super tiny compared to the big bottles shampoo and conditioner come in. The box also is bio-degradable. The only thing is you might want to request that they don’t package it with plastic bubble wrap . You also can get a bamboo box to hold them in the shower. The bamboo box is biodegradable as well. This is just a small way to help cut back the waste we have each year. And We can do better as a society to help reduce waste and garbage.

5. They are easy to use

All it took for me was 3 swipes across my head and wow did it lather quickly. I loved how it lathers and to my personal opinion I felt it did a better job than most soaps in a bottle. The conditioner bar I had to swipe a couple extra times and make sure to rinse out well! When my hair is dry it shines, glistens and overall has a more healthier look.

How to use bar

  1. Get hair wet
  2. Swipe soap 2-3 time on hair(maybe a couple more times if your hair is long)
  3. Lather soap (I found out 4 swipes down my shoulder length hair lathers a lot)
  4. Rinse
  5. Swipe conditioner
  6. Lather in and let set for a couple minutes
  7. Rinse well
    Dry and see the beautiful lushes hair

If you enjoyed this post please share, and leave a comment below. I want to know have you used this brand? What brand have you used? Do you use shampoo and conditioner bars?

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