My mini waste free post

So I have been wanting to do this post for awhile now and so here I am now just getting to it.

I want to make this a short blog post because hey might as well since I’m talking about minimizing waste…ahem let’s continue.

When I became a mom, my husband and I decided to become financially fit and so I started looking up ways to be thrifty. One way of me doing this was to start following a more minimalistic and waste “free” life. So here is my mini list of waste free items.


It’s very nice to have multiple sponges but I tend to just use one and wash it until it dies. While reusing sponges helps save money I still was spending money on sponges. I decided to invest in a silicone sponge and it works well for light to moderate grim on dishes. To be honest, it’s not something I like to use but my husband likes it so we use it. We also use a metal scouring pad which I do love to use on tough food and grease. If you ask me, buying the scouring pad would be a better investment.

You also can make your own scrubbing pad as well by crocheting or knitting twine around a sponge. Click Here for a link to some ideas.

Castile liquid soap

Instead of buying soap over and over and over again, I invested into a big bottle of Castile liquid soap. I put essential oils according to the season, water and 1/4 cup Castile soap. The nice thing is Castile comes in different scents or is unscented. This method helped me save money and I enjoy creating my own scents. You can use it for dish soap, hand soap, baby, body soap, dogs and probably more.

Cloth diapers and wipes

Honestly, it’s been a struggle getting to a set rhythm with cloth diapers but once we found a way that worked for us we have loved using cloth diapers and wipes. It’s become easier and we do still use disposable and when we do it’s almost odd to us. We have enjoyed saving 50-70 dollars a month and enjoy the thought that we are not adding more waste to the plant. I am hoping to do a in-depth post about our journey with cloth but for now just now that if you do your research and decide to use cloth it will save you money like 350-450 a year or more depending how many kids you have.

Dish towels

I am currently using up my stash of paper towels but I do use cloth rags and prefer using them. The average family uses about 2 paper towels per week according to google. By not using paper towels you could save about $8-16 a month depending on which brand you use, what state your in and where you buy them. This could save you about $92-192 dollars a year and just think by year 5 you could have $768 dollars (not exact average). Now that is a lot of money if you think about it. Plus by investing in reusable wash cloths you can just throw it in the washer when your done.

Shampoo and conditioner bars

Well I’ll talk about this last because I absolutely love shampoo and conditioner bars and could rave about them. This has helped my hair grow, look healthy and I can feel good about not having to throw a bottle out once I am done using the bar. Mine has lasted for 3 months so far and it looks like I have only scratched he surface of using it. I wrote a post about my shampoo and conditioner bar and would love for you to check that post out. Click here!

I could talk more and I didn’t even touch the surface of waste free living but that sums it up for now. Hope you like my post. Let me know what you do to be waste free and any tips you may have.

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