My Favorite Minimal Waste Items

So in my post My mini waste free post I listed a short list of items that I have switched over to. Here I am just going to list some ways I have become waste free, areas I am improving,and what I want to be waste free in.

Unfortunately, it is hard to become 100% waste free but the more you can cut on waste the better! Of course, I totally understand that not everyone can switch over to these items but it’s a fun list and it can help save money:)

For the home:

  1. Make your own hand soap,dish soap,or detergent ( unfortunately you still will have waste but you will have cut back on the amount of bottle waste you have used) I use Castile Soap
  2. Switch to dish towels
  3. Make your own beeswax lid covers instead of plastic wrap
  4. Reusable sponges
  5. Rubber bands or clips instead of twist ties
  6. Reusable water jugs
  7. Mop and broom instead of items like swiffer
  8. Change mail to become e-mail and eco friendly
  9. Reusable storage bags
  10. Reusable straw
  11. Thieves Cleaning Spray
  12. Electronic receipts if feasible
  13. Buy toys for dogs like balls without stuffing, bones and balls you can stick treats in


  1. Canvas bags for groceries
  2. Compost
  3. Buy items that will not produce waste
  4. Go without an item ( this can be hard to do but in the end I promise you won’t miss it and if you do miss it  find an alternative on how to buy the item)
  5. Go to local store that will allow you to put food such as nuts, flours, herbs in your own container. Some places will have you use there plastic bags but you can reuse the plastic bags for every purchase.
  6. Buy fresh produce
  7. Buy local meats, veggies and other items
  8. Use old fashioned jar of fat for oil
  9. Make your own herbs
  10. Make your own bread
  11. Use essential oils for flavored cooking oils
  12. Create a garden or patio garden

Personal care:

  1. Switch over to reusable razors
  2. Use conditioner bar for shaving
  3. Reusable menstrual pads or diva cup
  4. Shampoo and conditioner bar
  5. Bamboo tooth brush
  6. Homemade deodorant
  7. Homemade makeup
  8. Homemade tooth paste
  9. Go without an item such as hair spray, and toxic makeup
  10. Make your own lotions, shampoo, and conditioners
  11. You could even use reusable WASHABLE wipes instead of toilet paper ( we don’t do this one)
  12. Make your own potpourri poop spray


  1. Reusable diapers
  2. Reusable wipes ( I use an old towel)
  3. Reusable wet bag for dirty clothes or diapers
  4. Reusable diaper liner
  5. Go without an item or toy
  6. Homemade baby wash
  7. Homemade booty cream
  8. Corn starch or arrow root powder for baby powder
  9. Reusable travel changing pad
  10. Reusable cups,plates, and utensils
  11. Make your own baby food
  12. This saves water but give baby bath in sink or buy tub divider

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