I want my Kid to grow up to be…

When I was in high school, I remember everyone seemed to know what they wanted to do for a career. I remember my mom saying that I should pursue cosmetology, and out of her best intentions, she  pushed for me to go to cosmetology school. If my memory is correct, I was signed up to go to cosmetology but canceled a couple days or I even think on the day I was supposed to go. Cosmetology was definitely something I did not want to do and I made a hard choice to go against my mothers wishes and not go. I do not regret this choice at all but remember feeling I needed to have a career to be successful in the eyes of others.

But As a 18 year old, I was the girl who was happy and content doing what I needed to do to earn money. I remember people saying I should sell this or be a veterinarian or whatever they saw fit for me, but those things were never what I wanted to do. I wanted my dream to come true but I just felt I didn’t know how to make it happen. In addition, the career path I wanted to take wasn’t going to make a lot of money off the bat and I had felt guilty from being told to find a job that pays well, so I decide to pursue massage school. Although I enjoyed massage school, I really did not think that massage was for me. Now, as a  stay at home mom, I still want my career path to flourish, but I am waiting for God to open the right time for it to happen.

When I look at my baby boy playing and roam around the room, the same thoughts enter my head that probably millions of parents wonder. What will you love to do, what will be his passions and what will he grow up to be? As I was wondering about these things, I stopped in my tracks and remembered how I felt when people were assuming my future for me. I didn’t want him to feel the anxiety, defeat of a dream because it didn’t make money, or feeling silly for have wanting to do what I wanted to do. So instead I wondered if he would be a CEO of a company and would he be happy with that or a doctor who would make a lot of money but work so hard that he was exhausted and burnt out all the time, or a janitor, a plumber or maybe just a happy individual who just loves whatever work he is doing.

You see it has occurred to me that a lot of us  strive for jobs that may not fit who we are as individuals or we do the opposite. We may look at a career path that we want but give up before we even try because it might be to hard to get there. Whatever the reason may be, I want to be able to encourage him to be what God called him to be. I don’t want my expectations and desires to get in the way of who he is and what God will do with him.  I want to help him grow and flourish into a successful man and fuel the passions and desires he will have. I don’t want to look at a job statues, or how much he makes to define who he is. There are so many jobs that get underrated because they don’t make enough money ( which is another topic for another time) but they are very important and probably more important than some CEO jobs.

Now I am not trying to downplay anyone’s title or statues, what I am trying to say that there is an importance to garbage men/women, carpenters, potters, teachers, and that our kids should feel free and happy to work in those jobs. Even if its a part time job folding clothes, we as people should encourage our kids to love who they are, where they are, and to love the hard road that has or will get them to the “successful” place God has called them to be. Right now, my husband is a GM and my son is a professional at being a baby and I am proud of them both. No matter what he will become I know I will be proud, even if he doesn’t become a doctor, lawyer, or multi-millionaire. I want my kids to be whatever they want to be. I want them to learn from their mistakes and to keep going when it’s hard.and most importantly I want them to be what God has called them to be.

What is one thing I could pray for you about? Let me know in the comments below!

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