So many ideas BUT where to start??

I am one of those people who has so many ideas that sometimes its overwhelming. Yet while I have so many ideas it becomes very hard for me to land on one particular thing to do. I have book ideas, should I start a YouTube, write my poems, create the jobs I have been wanting to create, or just improve the everyday things that I want to do? It’s not that I’m afraid to start any of these things, lack commitment, or feel I need to do them to fulfil a void or life long purpose, I just want to do all of them but I get frazzled on trying to find out where to start or coming up with a further plan to do them.

I have the ability to do so many things yet I feel I just do not get the chances to do them or just feel I don’t have enough time to do them. Even writing this blog post,  I’m like there is so many other things I could be doing yet could this have a greater purpose one day? It’s not that I dislike writing but I think I get excited about topics I want to write and then when I get to them I have nothing to say. Maybe I just have a continuance of “writers block” on everything I want to do in life. I just wonder what’s the purpose of having all these ideas yet no plan is coming into mind or action. Anyway that is my rant for today. Maybe I’ll just continue with my 30 day abs challenge or eat something.

Who else is like this and what do you do when you feel stuck?

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