Being the best one

I feel like sometimes if I’m not the best at something, Im not the best at anything. I start to get sad and think that if I am not the best at something then how am I unique? When I’m in my bad moments I feel inadequate and small and that no one cares for me.

It’s just not true.

It’s taken me a while to realize that I do not need to be the best at work, singing, makeup, clothes or even just being a human. I am becoming more content on the things I own and the place where God has me. I realize that I may not be the best at everything but I have the best in my life. I have the best family that I have the privilege to contribute too. I have a wonderful husband that I get to be the best wife too. I get to have the best even when I’m not the best.

This life wasn’t created to be all about me and how Im great I am anyway. I know it’s an honor to be apart of Gods great plan for this world. I am uniquely made and loved by God just as I am. I am constantly learning how to love myself even if I do not become the best at everything in this world and get recognized for it.

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For you formed my inward parts;
 you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works;
    my soul knows it very well.

Psalms 139:13&14 (ESV)

In addition, There’s no reason to be the best at something if you are not happy and kind to yourself when your at your lowest point. These feelings of inadequacy and self lowness will follow you where ever you go until you deal with them. Once you learn that there is no expectation to meet a standard on your life, you will feel freedom and joy. Once you find happiness, hold onto it and don’t let go.

Don’t let go of hope, happiness, and joy in the bad times because those times are the moments that will impact your life the most. Cling to the true identity God gave you during these times.

And To say that you came out of a bad situation stronger, and have the ability to forgive and love the situation makes you unique in itself. Treasure the good things that you are able to do and know that you are special because of them. Don’t take the uniquely small things on your life for something less. Those small uniqueness help make up who you are and are a big part of being the best you. Know it’s okay to just be okay at something and strive to be happy with what God has given you.

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