Debt Free Journey #4 Wants VS Needs

In the last post, I shared a little about the emotional toll finances could have on you. It can be stressful to manage money but once you get the hang of it those emotions of fear, insecurity, anger and whatever else you might feel start to subside.

The next thing I want to address is wants versus your needs. When I was thinking about things we needed, I found myself thinking I needed something but in reality it was just a want. When Ben and I sat down to do our finances we had to be truthful and strict with ourselves on which was what. Here is a list of wants and needs that may help you get an idea of which is which. This is also kinda a list on what we try to live by as well. To determine what will work best for you, you need to sit down with a accountability partner or your spouse to figure out what is a want or need.

  • Wants
  • None of these things are bad to have but when you’re trying to pay off cards, get out of debt or save for a house then It’s okay to cut some of these things for a season. When we stopped going out to eat we started saving an additional 300 dollars a month. By doing so we save about 3,600 a year just by cutting out going out to eat. Now we treat ourselves but we don’t use going out to eat as an excuse to be lazy anymore.


  • Toothpaste
  • Toilet paper
  • Shaver (could be a want as well)
  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Food that is quality
  • Heat
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Reasonably priced car
  • Gas for car
  • Phone (my Iphone is 4 years old and works great)
  • Work clothes/day clothes
  • Shoes
  • Baby necessities-diapers, food, wipes, clothes, toiletries

There is a lot more items I could have added to the list but I wanted to get you thinking on what is a want or need in your life. It’s hard sometimes to really decided on what should go where. My family tends to live a little more minimalist than others and that works well for us. I also went through a transformation where I started making my own deodorant, hand soap, dog soap, and using reusable items instead.

A recent example of wants versus needs was when I wanted to buy a new utensil holder. There wasn’t anything wrong with the utensil holder I have now but I wanted to update it because it was 5+ years old. It’s not bad to update items when there broken or old but this item wasn’t broken or needed to be replaced. Not only did I want to update the utensil holder I wanted to update anything that was ugly or old in the house, even though these items worked perfectly fine. These things were all wants not needs. I had to come to terms that if We wanted to buy a house with cash and no loan I personally needed to be patient and willing to sacrifice now in order to save for what I really wanted.

Its a constant renewing and reminding of yourself of what really is a need or want. It’s not bad to have nice things but we have to be patient and diligent with our money so we can pay off debts, save, and be faithful to God with our finances.

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