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I live in the city but that doesn’t stop me from trying to grow garden plants. I love gardening and I’m super happy that my patio has a little space to grow some plants and herbs.

Last year I grew basil, carrots, green onions, tomatoes, mint and a couple other items. Although I was mainly figuring out how to grow plants and nurture for them…I will admit, not many of them thrived. However, I did have success with my mint, some strawberries, one Cherry tomato plant and my basil. The carrots and green onions I planted to close together as well as the kale and lettuce. The big tomatoes and cucumbers all died due to the extreme heat. Like I said last year was a learning curve.

This year I am a little bit more ready. I have done my homework and feel mostly prepared. I didn’t take on as much as last year and instead of growing some of the plants from seed, I decided I would buy them already grown. I did however plant 2 zucchini and a cucumber from seed which I am excited to see what happens to them both.

  • In my garden this year I have:
    • 1 cucumber
      1 tomato
      2 zucchini
      3 peppers
      Rosemary (from last year)
      Potatoes in a pot- I tried this last year but like I said last year was a learning curve
      Lettuce, spinach and kale
      Lavender, marigolds, aloe Vera(from last year), and succulents

    I planted them a month ago so we will see how everything will grow. I found out it’s really easy to tend to herbs and a few plants of the same kind. I pray that they all thrive this year. If you like gardening, I hope you will join me In this blog series.

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