I started a compost at my apartment

I started a compost at my apartment

I started a compost because of the mass amounts of scrap food being tossed into my trash can. It was taking up space and I dislike the smell every time I opened it. In addition, every time I would put onion, banana or something else harsh smelling in there, the whole house would start to smell. Eww.

I decided to start small with a 5 gallon buck but just after 2 weeks I should have gotten a bigger container. The compost I am putting in the container doesn’t match how fast it will decompose as it could take 4-6 months to do so. But after doing research (because you should always research everything and everyone) I found out how easy composting really is.

Composting is the process of decomposing organic materials. It’s natural and can help aid in the growth of your garden. You can actually have a compost toilet and it’s interesting to use one. When I went to a homeopathic house she had one and there are steps to going to the bathroom. None the less it was interesting to use. Composting has been known to help with the earth and landfills as well. It’s also easy too! And if it’s helping my garden grow and by any chance helping the world around us then I would say that’s a win in my book.

The thing I have noticed in just two weeks though is outstanding. When I was researching, I found out that you should NOT fill it with things like meat, bones, chemical items or treated, (obviously) cat or dog poop so on and so forth. What you can put in it though is veggie, fruit scraps, molding food, egg shells, coffee grounds, so on and so forth.

These things are more of the “green” items that you would put in compost but what I also learn is that you want a healthy balance of “Brown” items such as leaves,sticks,grass clippings, I also threw dirt in there as well. You also can throw paper in there but I haven’t done that yet. I’m still wondering if you can put used tissue paper (not toilet paper) in the container..if anyone knows that please comment down below!

One of the cool things it does…hmmm I am starting to think things like compost are cool…but it doesn’t smell! It can have the tendency to smell if your not properly taking care of it right. I was reading that it should have enough moisture like a rung out sponge and it should be closed with a top. I guess they said if it was to dry it could catch on fire…but not to worry just keep it moist and you’ll be okay! In addition it needs holes at the base to allow water to flow out.

The steps I have learned:

  1. Find sturdy container with lid that fits
  2. Drill holes into bottom for water to flow out
  1. Fill bottom with sticks to help with water and air flow
  2. Place “Brown” material and then “green” material
  3. Water and mix often
  4. Don’t put in no no items
  5. Don’t worry and allow nature to be cool
  6. In 4-6 months see how composting did and use on plants
  7. Reap benefits of kitchen and trash not smelling and not having to take out trash as often

If you have any advice let me know. 🙂

Picture credit: https://pixabay.com

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