Debt Free Journey part #7 Gods Provision

Ben and I have been on a Faith based journey with our finances. We started a few months ago and its been amazing to see how God moves. This is not about the money. Money is money and shouldn’t be something we idolize or be scared of. This is about Us being obedient, trusting God through trials and struggles and knowing we are okay even if we do not get the money we need right then and there. We are not begging God for money or thinking that He has to because he is God. We are wanting to see Gods Glory move through our family and be faithful. I wanted to share the joy we have experienced and to say believe even when you feel like nothing is possible.

Ben and I didn’t start to receive financial blessings until after a sermon our pastor had spoke. He said that finances were the only area that you could test God (Malachi 3:10). We decided to “test” God and we found out He is a faithful God. We started to give and put our trust in God with our finances. I believe this journey has been able to shape us. We have had doubts, fears, and we also needed to practice how to be faithful with the small areas of our lives. Some of the blessings were not financial means and instead they were healing of areas of our attitudes.

When we went to Missouri, Ben felt lead to give all our money that we had in cash in the offering plate. I did not know he did this until he told me on the ride home. I told Ben and asked God to forgive me for having unbelief. I challenged Ben that we needed that sum of money and that I will be trusting God from here on out.

We pulled up to a toll booth and I thought oh boy were screwed. But We ended up having the exact amount of quarters in our change holder for the toll booth which was awesome! In reality we needed about 4 something dollars but lay had about half. We found out that the amount we gave to her was exactly the amount we needed to get off the road heading home.

When we got home, I remember taking a bath saying “God what could we be doing better? what are we doing wrong.” because at this point we had been faithful to give our money outside our comfort zones. When I got out of the bath, ben went to get the mail and we received a letter thinking it was an invite to a wedding. When we opened it the note stated that this person felt a need to give us $200 dollars. We do not know who gave us this money but it is amazing to see how God moved. We have felt loved and seen by God.

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