12 weeks pregnant-financial update

Almost out of the first trimester!! Yay! Hi y’all sorry it’s been awhile but I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Currently, this pregnancy is way different than my first. With my first I had HG through the entire pregnancy. I had literally every symptom you could think of. However this time I have felt pretty well. I have been extremely exhausted and still have food aversions. I am having trouble sleeping through the night as well.

I am hoping that the 2nd trimester shows some light and give me energy! Well this is my small update and hope everyone is doing well.

*I just wanted to give a financial update if anyone cared. So since I have been struggling with what I can eat we have been overspending our food budget by 100-150 dollars more a month. Usually our food budget is around 350 a month but yehhh as you can see we have not hit that the last 2 months. It shouldn’t disturb our savings or house fund but it’s just saddens me to know we have a minor set back when we have been working diligently to be frugal and save. It’s okay though as long as there is another day there’s another chance. Thanks for reading!

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