14 week pregnant update and FATHERS DAY!!!

I’m actually shy of 14 weeks by 2 days and though I’d give an update now because who knows if I’ll be feeling as great as I do right now.

My symptoms:

Still super tired, nauseous, I had the worst migraine the other day and hope those don’t continue, and my stomach is still queasy. I can’t eat certain things or else they trigger me.

I still am enjoying sandwiches from subway and I love most fruits. There are times that I will want something yet I know it will make me sick if I eat it or when I do go to eat it it tastes awful.

Pregnancy is hard but I know there is an abundance of grace and I’m super grateful for God placing my husband in my life to help me through it.

My husband really is the best guy a gal could ask for. I also decided that the best gift I could give him is the gift of not buying anything lol. I have come to realize that I like the flowers or the cute things he does on Mother’s Day or allowing me to buying things but he would rather me not spend money on Father’s Day. (Unless it’s candy then it’s okay)

But truly, He is over all the whole deal. Great dad, great husband and a man who follows God and allows him to lead his family. I know I have someone to be very thankful for and pray that He continues to shine the love of Christ on others. He has flaws as we all do yet he is good (most of the time) to reconciling them and making them right.

Shout out to all the great dads! May you be blessed, loved and feel special in this day.

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