Feeling the heat

As of yesterday, our A/C unit gave out in our apartment. This is the second time in the last month it has gone out. As temperatures outside reached to 93, we attempted to have this problem fixed. We live in an apartment so we contacted the emergency maintenance man and he came to fix our cooling system.

Unfortunately he said that he fixed what he could but the wires were frayed and could short circuit without warning. He said it was fixed but after an hour it was clear the vents were still blowing out lukewarm air. It wasn’t his fault yet it left us in a heated situation.

I called my husband and said it’s 81 in the apartment and the one fan we had was on high. I reached out to friends and life-group to see if anyone had any fans to spare. Although a couple of people had offered they were not able to get them to us until the morning. We said thank you and accepted but still needed to do something about the night time as being pregnant and having a toddler in the heat just doesn’t mix.

Our friends from church reached out and offered their home for us to stay. We accepted immediately and started the packing. My husband took a break from work to drive us over, as we only have one car, and he would meet us after work. So at 8:30 we arrived at our friends house hot but happy for the place to stay.

We were thankful for the time to catch up with each other and play some video games. And although the transition for the sleeping arrangements were hard it still was a blessing and something I am very grateful for. My husband installed in a window A/C and then hurried back for some fellowship. We shared a yummy breakfast and I was touched by our friends generosity. There was no expectation to give a gift or feel shamed there was only kindness and love all around.

As we made our way back home, we were tired but feeling blessed for friends that help. We have fans going and the window A/C and it’s cooling down gradually. Hopefully it will be fixed within the week!! It’s amazing we forget what a blessing something or someone is until it isn’t there anymore. This was a reminder of how thankful I am for whoever made air conditioning and for friends who are there for you.

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