Banana bread gone wrong

Two lovely bananas waiting on my banana holder just waiting to become something great. Oh just the potential they could have become yet they were left in my hands. They didn’t know what had hit them. Everything was perfect till I put them in the oven.

Who could blame me though? My husband who had worked hard on a homemade pizza was ready to put his hard work in the oven but my bread had to be in there for 45 more minutes at a 350 degrees. Lo and behold his pizza needed 15 min at 450 degrees and he had only 30 minutes until he had to get to work. The dilemma was on.

So now I think you probably could guess what happened next. I kept my bread that had the two bananas that were so hopeful for a better life in the oven. I thought if I kept it in there for a shorter amount of time it would still come out okay. Oh how I did this bread wrong. The smell was still sweet in the air so I thought nothing of the thought that it was burning. My husband saw that it was burnt and I pulled it out to see smoke coming from it. I shook it out of the bin and the bottom was completely black. But before I decided all hope was lost I decided to see if the middle was okay and to my surprise the middle was not harmed. It was easy to carve out the middle as the outside had formed into a burnt casing. One side wasn’t completely cooked but in the end we did get a good portion to eat.

I learned and keep learning a valuable lesson about baking. Its not like cooking and baking is a picky lady. She either will like the changes you add or create or she will hate you and ruin the very hopes and dreams you may try to create. Cooking is easier for me to change recipes and expand my horizons. I still am learning and testing the boundaries of baking. We will see if I will ever learn my lesson. Probably not but that’s okay cause that’s how new things are made.

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