Book Blog #1

So today is February 14th and it has been a hard day. My poor kiddos have not been feeling well so we all have been just trying to hydrate, nourish ourselves and keep up with the laundry. Prayers and good thoughts would be appriciated. Anyway, I thought I would sit down as my fifth load of laundry is going and tell y’all about the kids book my husband and I have been working on.

In 2015, my husband and I were going to bed when he told me to read him a bedtime story ( jokingly). Well as I did not have kids back then, I didnt have any kids books. I started to rattle off this kids story which he then responded “Did you make that up or was that something you read.” I told him it was something I just made up and he said I should write it down. So I did. I am not by any means the best writter gramically but I figured that shouldn’t stop someone from pursuing a dream that has been put on thier heart.

So life happened, we had jobs, traveled, got married, had kiddos, and now, as I am 1 month postpartum, I am coming back to the story that started 5 years ago. So far I have a tittle, a manuscript written, and I am now currently reading as many kids books to get an idea of how I want the illustrations to look. My husband woke up in the middle of the night with more story lines that added a beautiful message we believe was God given.

I am excited to walk through this journey and if you have any advice please give us some as this is our first book and we are figuring out what to do. Thank you for reading and be on the look out for our upcoming YouTube channel FlowersOnTheDashboard.

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