Do we have debt??

I wanted to give you an update on what has been going on. Since our Journey of becoming debt we have had a couple struggles/blessings along the way. In April 2019, we became pregnant with our second son. We had a mix of happy and unsure emotions but felt blessed to be parents again. As many parents know it cost money to have a kiddo and we had a small cushion for emergencies if they should have happened. Throughout this time, we have tried our hardest to save but we just seem to be stuck on one number or moving slowly towards our financial goal. Our pattern seemed to be save, use emergency fund, pay a bill and go back down to that number. It is frustrating beyond all things. Since then, we have been able to save a small emergency fund. Which is a blessing.

Hopefully we can save enough for a down payment on a house because apartment life is becoming expensive and harder now that we have 2 kids. To be honest, we would like to save $30,000 for a solid down payment. I mean we paid $9,000 off in 6 months so I know we can do this. We just really don’t like debt of any kind and take Proverbs 22:7 seriously. I would love to save up enough to pay off a house in full but I also am trying to be realistic. We only have one income and we have 4 mouths to feed. Maybe we should figure out how long it would take and go from there. Has anyone paid their house in full or off? Let me know in the comments bellow!

I will say that I have been frustrated with this whole journey with our finances. It’s not a good feeling to be constantly stuck on one number when you have been working hard to save. It’s also taking longer than I want it to. But we are thankful that two hospital bills totaling $3,000 were taken care of under financial aid. Praise the Lord!! I highly suggest calling the hospital and asking if they will drop the bill or see if you qualify for financial aid. This is something I wished we knew when we gave birth to our first son. We ended up paying about $9,000 for hospital visits and birth. Our second son had to stay in the NICU for 4 days and if we didn’t have insurance, we would have to pay around $23,000. You would think that the people that bring people into this world would have a free or minimal payment in the hospital but that’s not the case. Don’t get me wrong, when you need medical help you should seek it out but that price is outrageous. As of right now, we have saved up a small cushion but we are still waiting on some hospital bills to come in. We will keep you posted on what is going on and if we have to pay off some more bills.

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