Little Dude is turning 2! * Grab the tissues

As I am in the grocery store, I’m looking for the list of items I need for the week. I’m passing through all the isles and smiling at people I “run” into. I keep reminding myself that my husband and kiddos are out in the car; I better hurry. But as I head for the check out lane, I remembered the most important items I needed to buy: Birthday supplies. I walk over to the selection that my grocery store had, and bought some cute streamers and balloons to decorate his chair and door with. At first I think, blue but then quickly choose yellow and grey. I grab cake mix, food gel coloring, and then head to the front. I get to the checkout and it dawns on me that my precious little boy is turning two! How can this be? In all the busyness this week, I must have been on auto pilot. My son is turning two! As I place the items on the conveyer belt, tears start forming in my eyes and even now as I write this I am crying. The tears are not for show though as these emotions and tears are very bittersweet to handle. Throughout the day I just keep reminiscing about how blessed I am to be his mom and all the memories I’ve shared with him.

When I was pregnant with Jediah, I had HG and struggled everyday with feeling ill. I prayed and cried that he would be healthy and by Gods miracle he was. At 9lbs 8ounce, he was beautiful. I didn’t meet him right away but as I look at a photo of his daddy holding him for the first time I couldn’t imagine life without him. Our first born grew up so fast. I’ve watched him grow from a tiny little potato to a strong willed toddler. I’ve watched him learn new things, stumble and get back up, create new things and so much more. I’ve seen him cry, laugh, play, and explore the world around him. But while I am remembering his first tooth coming in and wishing time wouldn’t fly so quick, I’m so very proud of him. I’m excited to see who he is becoming as an individual, son, friend, and brother. And although he tells me “No” when I ask for kisses I know he still needs me and cares for me in his own toddler way. I cherish the hugs, the mommy loves, and time playing together. I love that he sits on my lap with his toys as I write down blogs or kid stories.

I know I will miss this and I am trying to soak up as much as I can. I am excited to plan your birthday day! Jediah, I love you with all my heart and soul. I pray that you will become a strong mighty man of God and desire to choose good in all you do. Love you sweet Boy!

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Tune in for our next post: Jediah’s Birthday Celebration

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