Happy 2nd birthday!

I thought I’d share what we did for my sons 2nd birthday. The night before, I decorated around his chair and door with balloons and streamer. This is a tradition that my mother used to do and I plan to pass it along to my kids. It only took about 1 hour and 26min to decorate but I’d take that then 32 hours of labor any day. I ended up being so excited for my kids birthday that I was unable to sleep from 2am till 5am in the morning. Surprisingly I haven’t felt to tired today. Then we made his favorite breakfast which is pancakes with chocolate chips and a fruit. Next we went to church and my son decided that he just wanted to climb the stairs that were there.

Next we went to get pizza at one of our favorite pizza places and head off to the zoo. We are super excited that one of our family members bought us a season pass for his birthday so we will be able to get in as many times as we want for “free”. As we strolled around my son seemed to be more interested in the people than the animals at times. I’m just happy he enjoyed his time. We didn’t get to do the whole zoo as we had already been there an hour and it was becoming super crowded. When we left my son was sad to go but quickly recovered when we put him in the car.

Throughout the day we watched Bernstein Bears and played games until it was cake time. When we put the cake in front of him, he thought the whole thing was his and started poking and eating it. We tried to get him to blow out the candles but he was more interested in the cake. Then we cut him a slice and he loved it so much there was no time to eat it with his hands and he just ate it like a chicken plucking away till it was gone. Overall I think he had a good day and seemed to feel special. I also managed to not cry at all.

It looks like a jack-o-lantern

If you enjoyed this post make sure to say happy birthday to Jediah! 😊

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