Book Blog #2

I wanted to give an update on what’s going on with our kids books since it’s been awhile.

1. Make sure you SAVE your work. We did not save it throughout the process and my toddler who is fascinated by turning the computer on and off, did so while we were working on it. Therefore, it never was saved. We thankfully printed out a copy.

2. We have edited and edited some more. Finding out the best flow for the words and using correct grammar. We would like as little to no grammatical errors as possible before going out to the publishing company.

3. I reached out to a publishing company and it looks like they will publish our books. But first we have to have some illustrations done. Once that’s done then we will send them in for review.

4. I reached out to an illustrator and I am currently waiting for his response. Prayers are needed!! Thank you!

So that’s my short little update for today. It’s exciting but also a little stressful as we are needing to come up with the funds to do all of this. We really like to do this debt free so a loan isn’t an option for us. Thank you for reading! Please subscribe, like and share!

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