Body Image #2

Even though I’m not eating right and I haven’t reached a 45 minute workout session yet, I still lost weight. It has been a hard week as my kids have been sick and I have been extremely tired. The longest I’ve worked out has been 25 minutes. I’m still allowing myself a grace period as my body is building back muscle and stamina. The workouts are hard right now. I am struggling to do a simple postpartum “crunch” and I am tiring easily. My body hurts and I don’t like the pain of working out. Plus my yoga mat broke a long time ago and I need a new one.

However, I am determined to reach my end goal so I will continue to make time, push myself, not make excuses, and ask for encouragement as I battle myself with doubt that I can’t do this. I can do this, I just need to remind myself of why I am doing this. It’s not just to be skinny or muscular. I need to do it because I want to feel good physically and mentally. I want my kids to know their mom can persevere even if it’s something tough to do.


  • What am I working out to: mostly Blogilates and BodyFit by Amy (postpartum)
  • Original Weight: 154
  • Last week weight: 150.8
  • New weight 149.8
  • Weight lost this week: 1 lbs
  • Weight lost total: 4.2 lbs
  • Time working out: 4
  • Diet: Not healthy
  • Pant size: 8-10

Ultimate Goal:

  • Reach a size 4/6
  • Reach 125 lbs

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* I am not a health or fitness coach. I am a mom who really wants to lose weight and be healthy. Please consult your doctor before working out. Thanks!

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