Easy DIY Hand Sanitizer

So since people are looking for options on sanitizer, I thought I would share a quick and easy recipe that only has 2 ingredients: thieves oil and witch hazel.

Witch hazel has been used as a beauty product, to minimize pores and as an astringent for acne. The brand I am using today is Thayers Witch hazel. I bought this at Drug Emporium but you can buy it at amazon too. I was happy to see that it did not contain alcohol in it. Alcohol can dry your hands out and leave cracks and dry spots. In addition, if you have sensitive skin, which my family does, it’s great to have alcohol free witch hazel.

What I will be using to help disinfect is Thieves oil. There are many benefits to Thieves and I love what it contains in the bottle. Thieves contains:

  1. Clove bud oil- which has shown to have antimicrobial properties and can help with tooth pain.
  2. Lemon peel oil- which has known to have antiseptic properties, and disinfectant properties. It also has a nice clean smell to it. Some people even believe that it can kill viruses and bacteria!
  3. Cinnamon bark oil- used for antibacterial properties
  4. Eucalyptus leaf oil- helps with respiratory issues
  5. Rosemary leaf oil- can help boost immune system

Thieves has many uses as well such as homemade cleaner, ingest in a capsule (vitality oil only) to help boost immunity, use as a room spray and without further ado a sanitizer spray. It also smells great too! It has a warm smell to it that reminds me of Christmas time. Now I am going to be showing you how to make hand sanitizer for sensitive skin. And as always make sure you handle oils properly and never give to kids to play with.

You will only need 3 items:

  1. Thayers witch hazel or a witch hazel brand you trust
  2. Thieves oil. I’m using the vitality because I am out of my regular thieves.
  3. An Amber glass bottle with a mist spray head. Click the link to use ones similar to the one I have.


  1. Clean bottle
  2. Fill bottle with witch hazel
  3. Leave room at top and put 7-10 drops thieves essential oil. For larger bottles use 10-15 drops.
  4. Label, shake, and spray

* Please test this on part of your skin as thieves oil can irritate your skin. In addition, for safety reasons please refer to this safety guide on how to use oils around kids and babies: Guide to diluting essential oils for kids and babies. Do not assume and consult a health professional if you have concerns. I do not claim that oils heal or will cure you.

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