The Ballad of a Tired Mom

This last week I have been frustrated and emotional. With everything that has been going on and to put it simple I am tired, physically and emotionally. I thought I would write the events of this week in a poem for you to read.

“The vacuum accidentally unplugs and my kids says ‘oh no’ from the other room. A smile sneaks through my worn out face and I believe this day will be okay.

It seems I forget in this life long race to slow down at a slower pace. Kiddos are growing and talking too, I know these moments are precious, it’s true.

I see the wonder in my child’s eyes. I stop the rush and sit by his side. We imagine and play throughout the day it makes my memories go astray.

My mind remembers my younger days when I would just imaging and play. Oh, how simple those young days were.

To often I’m stressed out, but I got to stick it out. I put a smile on my face but in secret fade to a distance space.

I love my kiddos and that will never change but sometimes a mama just needs a different thing.

When there’s crying, or sickness and you’ve tried all you can do but you realize that all you can do is to comfort them through.

I go to bed just to think of what’s ahead and then wake up to do it all again. Once again I crawl out of bed wondering if this tiredness will ever end.

I push through cause there’s so many things to do. Tired, happy, joyful and confused these are just a few of what I feel. Pulled here and there but not much in between. The pieces of fabric that hold my life together are tearing at the seams. But I keep going cause I know these moments are precious and few.

The baby needs food, and a diaper change, or a cuddle to ease the pain, boo boos need kisses to make it all better, and then a hug just because makes you feel as light as a feather.

After playtime they take a nap but you know you can’t sit back. Laundry, dishes and dinner time, all get scrunched in this short time. Just remember these moments are few and they will not last.

Its just a part of a tired moms day yet we do it without complaint. We want our kids to grow healthy and strong yet we fear if we are doing it all wrong.

We don’t want to miss a moment and so our choice is chosen. These times are short and few so what is a tired mom to do.

I only have here and know for nothing is guaranteed.

I pray to God that I have the energy for the day and that my boys will turn out great.

I pray they see the good in me and learn from my mistakes.

Unconditionally, I press on tired as can be but once again I say to you these times are precious and few.

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