Waiting in line

Imagine with me that you are parked in front of the DMV and you are excited to apply for your license. For me it was many years ago but I can still remember thinking of all the possibilities that could be possible once I got my license. (Disclaimer: I failed my first road test). You know it will give your life more freedom and you will be able to go to work, school, spend time with friends WITHOUT needing a ride. You have worked hard and diligently for this moment and it felt like nothing could hold you back. You open the doors only to have reality hit you hard in the face.

There is a massive line ahead of you. There are people in line waiting for who knows how long and you quickly realize that this isn’t going to be the quick easy, wait as you had hoped it to be. You take your place in line knowing it could take HOURS to even reach the front desk. You feel defeated and wonder if you should come back another day or ask for them to open another lane. It ruined your plans and now you have to readjust your day. Not only that you start to become mad because you feel your confidence waning.

This is how I feel right now in my life except, I am waiting in line for a house, nicer car, books to be published, and other desires to be fulfilled. I feel like God is at the end of the line placing his hand out saying “no, no dear. Wait behind the line.” It seems to me that I feel stuck slowly moving forward while everyone around me is in the fast lane; receiving exactly what they wish for. Don’t get me wrong when I say this but I hate the place I’m in right now. I realize I have a lot of attitude adjustments I need to work on and even though I hate it, this time is teaching me a valuable lesson. I have two choices on how I spend this time:

  1. Enjoy my time and value the people and place I’m at now or…
  2. Act like a victim, demanding things and dreams to be accomplished NOW.

To grow or to wallow in sorrow.

It’s childish to keep thinking I deserve all the things I want. I feel that God is covering all my needs but I feel my wants have been forgotten. Part of this comes from being impatient the other part is I’m 27 and I feel like we are behind in life. It comes from a place of discontent and I am trying so desperately to change my attitude. I don’t want to go from one thing to the next with a bad heart condition.

How you decide to wait in this time will help shape your future and the impact on those around you. If your always sour , feeling you never get what you want, it can create turmoil in relationships and your own personal life. Besides, pouting and crying about it won’t make God move you any faster to your goals and it actually may prolong the time to get to the final destination. We have to remember this life isn’t about the things YOU do or the things YOU get. It’s about loving others like Christ loves people and trusting in God. I remember someone saying: God is more concerned with the journey than with the final outcome and it’s true!

He has the right path for you and if your standing in line feeling like the wait is becoming to long remember this: God is not standing at the end of the line waiting for you. He is standing right next to you helping you and guiding you to do and say the right thing. We have the choice on how we use this time so choose wisely. This isn’t to say we wont make mistakes and mistakes can help shape who we are. But remember to love people on your way to success, because if God has called you to do something HE will make it happen. People will see who YOU are through this time and your actions matter. If you reach your goal without the love and support of others was it worth having a sour attitude along the way? Nope because if you hurt everyone around you, your goal means nothing and no one will care.

I hope that if you are waiting in line for God to use you that you feel joy. You don’t have to wait to be joyful. Be joyful in the fact that God has a plan for you and that He isn’t finished with you. And when you have treated others kindly, loved yourself and others, and your heart attitude wasn’t a fart attitude throughout the process, you will feel accomplished way before you even get to the end goal. Trust me I am hoping God will fix me because I can’t. I’ve tried but I know that I am on the right path acknowledging my faults and willing to work at them. And if your asking yourself why God hasn’t fulfilled your dreams I encourage you to seek out what he has to say and then be obedient to what he tells you to do or fix.

Are you in the same place as me? How do you cope with waiting?

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