Are We Buying A House?

The question is: Are We THAT crazy?!? And the answer is yes! About 4 years ago Ben and I started the pursuit to find our dream home. And in that four years we have looked at countless of homes with 3 different realtors with no success. Fast forward to this week, we spent the last few days looking for our dream home. We found one that was B E A UTIFUL! But literally 2 minutes before we were approved by a lender the house went under contract and not able to view the home. Our realtor saw another house on the market that was very similar to the first and set up a time to see it at 5:30. Unfortunately, she called back and said that it had gone under contract at 2:10 literally 2 minutes after the other one had gone under contract.

We have experienced this cycle before in the past so I felt that history was starting to repeat itself. We have put in offers on homes before only to be out bid, inspection showed poor care of the house and so on and so forth. I started to become weary of heart and a little panic swept over me. I didn’t want this time to be like last time where we looked at multiple homes only to be snatched up by the competitive market. Well we ended up looking at a couple houses but just didn’t feel the yes factor in any of them. To be honest, Ben and I argued and became frustrated with the process but soon reconciled and prayed about the situation. We both felt the Lord said to wait. Our realtor had mentioned we go look at a house that hadn’t hit the market yet. When I entered the address into Zillow and Realtor, only one photo of the outside popped up. The house did not look appealing and looked bad on the outside. Even more doubt hit my heart as the photo shined on my screen.

I asked her why it was so much and she said they had renovated everything. I still was apprehensive as we have walked into homes newly done and end up seeing a poor work done on the features. Anyway, fast forward to the search we had 6 houses we were looking at. The first one was amazing and I could feel happy there but it needed work. The second one was renovated but we were not happy with the location it was in and didn’t feel right buying it. With the next two we didn’t even bother getting out and we decided not to even drive to one of the showings. It then came down to the last house. We pulled up into the drive and immediately my heart loved the home and area it was in.

The outside had been spruced up and looked nothing like the first picture. But in all honesty, I was still nervous to see what was in the inside. When we opened the door to my surprise it was everything I have ever dreamed about in a new home. The character was charming and subtle yet it has a modern look that most people would love. The back yard was big enough to plant a garden, a small chicken coop, and beautiful mature trees. The bathrooms where all redone and the rooms looked like an average size and something you could add your own touch to. We found out there was going to be 8 showing that day and we needed to move fast. Ben and I decided to put in an offer right away.

We decided to place a high offer because we didn’t want the chance to lose it. We all prayed and we settled on an offering price. She said they weren’t going to wait and that the owner was eager to sell. We waited what seemed like forever and then we got the call. I went to the bathroom and told God “Lord please don’t let this house become an idol. I would rather lay this house down and risk losing it to please you. Please help me be okay if we do lose it but all I can feel is joy and not fear behind this. I came out of the bathroom feeling a little better. My phone started to ring and my heart pounded as I lifted the phone to my ear. She told us “Congratulations they accepted the offer.” My heart leaped for joy as I danced circles around my husband. We both felt this house was from the Lord as the people who owned the house could have waited to see all other offers or kept it on the market but they didn’t.

We are now in the process of paperwork and will have the place inspected on Friday. We’ve been in pursuit of a home for four years and we have found the one. Many months ago God asked me how I wanted my home to look and I believe he surpassed my expectations. God truly loves you but it’s us who has to realize that. He kept telling me to wait and I’m glad we did. When we were putting an offer down on the house He said this is what you waited for. I’m praying my heart truly knows the goodness of God through this. I know that the road ahead isn’t going to be easy but we feel at peace. Stay tuned for our upcoming vlog of our house tour!


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