Going Down Memory Lane-Making Homemade Pasta

Today I decided to make homemade pasta; something I haven’t done in a long time! My husband pulled out the pasta machine as I collected the ingredients. I thought of my grandmothers as they both loved to cook. My Mema used to make homemade pasta and short bread while my Italian Grandma cooks most things from scratch . Most of my family has Italian blood and it shows.

When I was a kid she could make peas taste amazing and breaded chicken so moist and juicy. Now as a mom, I desire to try to be like her in my cooking. She has always encouraged me to eat good food and that it’s always important. I remember one time one of my relatives asked me if I wanted some toast and I told her “honey, you don’t need to ask cause I bet ya she’s already made me one.” Sure enough, I walk in and she says in her cute accent “I made you some toast.” My grandma is the true image of an Italian grandma.

I can’t tell you how much I miss her cooking so much and how much I miss her. She always smelled like garlic and olive oil. I know that some people don’t like that smell but just imagine a smell that brings you back to a fond memory or image of a person you love. I was also blessed to taste my Great Grandmothers cooking. My Mema has passed but I still think of her often. Every Christmas, She used to make homemade pasta and short bread with this delicious sugared strawberry. I am so happy that I get to share this experience with my kids and teach them how to make all the foods that brought me comfort in my childhood.

What is one thing that brings you Joy in this time?

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