How To Gain People NOT Just Followers

So this blog post has been ringing in my mind and I thought I’d share it with y’all. I recently wrote a post about how I gained 150+ followers, but I wanted to touch deeper into one of the items I commented about. I know this post is going to sound odd but just imagine with me if you will. When you post a blog, or content on social media what is your motive behind it? Is it to share your perspective or ideas? Or are you trying to achieve fame? I want to touch on your followers and why it’s important to gain people instead of followers and why gaining followers shouldn’t be your main goal.

So you may be saying “ But aren’t followers people?” Well, yes they are people but there is a slight difference and I’m going to share with you how that is. When people interact with people we tend to communicate through body language, our voice and our attitude. Through the social sphere, it can be hard to portray who you are and your motives through a text. Not only that but people don’t like to be treated like sheeple and sometimes we have a tendency to look at how fast our follower account is growing rather than acknowledging the person behind the screen. We also tend to become a bit more bold or rash in answering questions. Which in return we can come off rude of mean.

Now I’m not going to lie, it’s amazing to see your blog grow and it’s not a bad thing to have your blog grow. It can become bad when you lose sense of purpose for your blog and start writing things that someone else told you to write to gain followers. Example: I read a couple posts and viewed a bunch of videos on how to grow your blog and they all stated to post everyday or even 2x a day. While this will grow your followers, you maybe losing the hearts of the people reading your post. In return, they may become annoyed, turn the bell button off and not view your content. You don’t want this because you just gained a follow not a person. Instead, focus on why you chose to write and set a plan/goal and be committed to it.

It is SO important to acknowledge the people who value your words, pictures, recipes or whatever else it may be. I encourage you to start seeing your followers as the people they are and put value into them. Thank them, comment back, check out their stuff and support them. Treat them as a friend not as some asset that boosts your following rate. I used to think that people would just follow me and that it was silly to promote someone else but it isn’t. I learned that people can see right through you and if they see you being fake they are less likely going to follow you.

In conclusion, people interact and take time to genuinely follow you. Followers tend to follow the crowd and can leave you high and dry. I wish they had an honest button where it would ask them: “Do you plan on following because you genuinely like them” or “Do you want a follow to unfollow.” I would have an ounce of respect for those who clicked the second choice because they were honest. I don’t know it may be just me but I want to grow genuinely and I don’t want just a follow. How about you?

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  1. This is so important!! Thank you 🖤


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