Why you COULD have writers block + Solutions

It’s fantastic when you sit down and know what you want to write about. However, sometimes we can’t think, or just can’t come up with something to say. It’s that darn writers block. There can be many factors to why you have writers block so I am going to help you understand why it could be happening and give you solutions to help get back your creative mojo. Now this is my perspective on writers block and things that I have done but now am doing differently. It’s not the set way of doing things and I’m not guaranteeing anything. So without further ado let’s get to this list!!


When we see how successful someone else is we may start to feel inadequate or forget the journey that that person had to take to get there. None the less, It can be easy to compare ourselves with the next blogger/person. This can bring on a bout of doubt as to why we are writing or confusion. It could cause us to feel as if our content isn’t worth writing or feel if someone else already did it why bother. But you have your own unique style and taste and people like to read on different perspectives.

How to fix?

Don’t cut yourself short. If you find yourself comparing yourself to others. Take some time away from social media to ground yourself. Take pride in the journey you are going on and remember that the road you are taking is your own. When you find yourself starting to compare, try to encourage yourself through affirmations of positivity such as ” I am uniquely made. I have what it takes to do this.” Be kind to yourself and try to set smaller goals. Take joy when they become accomplished.


This may be a no brained but sometimes we still try to write while being distracted. Distractions could be your number one killer for not knowing what to write about. When you have your phone, tv on, friends over, or your kid needing something every minute, it can create a distracting atmosphere. It’s harder to write a well written post when you have the dog barking or someone is constantly needing something. I know that I have a hard time writing a post when a kiddo needs something or someone is trying to talk to me.

How to fix?

Thankfully this is easy to fix. Step away from the distractions or plan on writing when everyone and everything is asleep. If your having issues with your phone or electronic device try putting a reminder on your phone to put it down. Step away, breathe, and then come back to it once the distraction isn’t present.


You may be think how does this apply to writers block but it has a lot to do with you and your content so I’m putting it in here. If your attitude and motives are not in the right place it can make your blog crumble. If you come into blogging with the attitude that you are the “bomb.com” and expect everyone to just “subscribe” to you; you will be easily disappointed and to be honest you are more likely to quite. Why? Because your foundation is surrounding you and not others. Let me put it this way: it takes multiple structural beams to hold up a building if you aren’t supporting others and creating a foundation then you are going to crumble. Does that make sense? In addition, what are your motives? To inspire others or to get as many followers as you can?

How to fix?

Reevaluate your attitude about the situation. Become okay with seeing 0-1 views and accept that is reality for the time being. Also, ask how others became successful. What tools do they use. Also, I know it may be tempting to get followers quick through loops, people saying they will follow you if you follow them, but to be honest it’s not worth it. It’s almost like a McDonald’s drive thru. Quick satisfaction=disappointing results.

In addition, if you like a post then FOLLOW that person and don’t UNFRIEND them once or if they friend you back. If someone likes you and wants to follow you but you don’t like their stuff, it’s okay not to follow back. If they leave don’t feel disappointed….they never really cared anyway. But It’s not going to hurt you to follow those who inspire you and it makes it look like your a team player. Not a egotistical maniac…Instagram people I’m looking at YOU! Plus, to me it shows you care for others. Anyway that’s another rant for some other day.


You know when I’m in a creative bind I always seem to have inspiration on the toilet. So you never know where you may be inspired! I now keep my phone close so I can jot down a quick memo before I forget. You never know when inspiration might hit you and you need to be ready to write it down. There have been many times I have had a great idea and said “I’ll write it down later” only to find I had forgotten what I wanted to write about. It’s a bummer and it sucks.

How to fix?

Keep a pen, paper, or phone near by just in case your inspiration hits you. Don’t wait or hesitate and write it down quickly. Do NOT wait. You will regret it and I’m just trying to save you that grief.

5. Rest

Now not to contradict the advice before BUT it’s also important to rest your mind. Sometimes we think we have to keep going and going to be “successful” but that’s not true. You need to think smarter not work harder. If your going all the time you are not allowing yourself to catch a break with can turn you into full blown zombie mode.

How to fix?

Rest, go to bed, relax, go take a shower of hot bath. Step away from it trust me something will come to you and it will be great when it does! Work smarter not harder and use your time wisely.

Alright y’all, I hoped you enjoyed my post and if your liking my posts then please subscribe and share! Thank you!

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