The Woman & The Needle

The Woman & The Needle

A woman sat her son down with some trains and some tracks so she could work on some tasks. He smiled at her but soon became consumed with the toys around him. She then went to grab her needle and thread and sit in her chair by the window. She took a moment to gaze upon her child and smiled to see him playing contently with his toys. She saw the joy on his face and went back to what she was doing but soon found out she could not get the thread through the eye of the needle.

She tried and she tried but that thread would not go through. She licked her fingers to pinch the loose strands together and attempted to thread it one more time. But once again the needle did not thread. She thought for a moment on what she should do and decided to cut off the end. She grabbed her scissors and snipped that end away.

She thought to herself “you clever girl” and picked up the needle again. But when she attempted to thread it through, it STILL would not go in. She decided to snip the end again and again and again until she reached the end but she just could not get it through. She sat there in frustration with her head held low; the pieces of thread all around her. In defeat she sighed and rubbed her tired eyes. After a few moments had passed, she looked up from where she was sitting. Her heart started to race as she realized something was different as the little boy was nowhere in sight.

She sat up and ran around calling out his name. But he was nowhere to be found. She stopped and saw a strange man at the door and asked him who he was . The man was confused and when he spoke his voice broke. “Why mother don’t you recognize your only son.” Shocked and confused she fell to the floor and started to wonder what went wrong. Where did the time go? Her memory took her to the beginning of time as she sat there threading her needle. She realized then the fate she had picked and it was a sad one indeed. Long ago, Her son had gazed up with innocents in his eyes; hoping she would sit and play. She became consumed at the task at hand and he grew in the blink of an eye. She didn’t realize how little time she had as she cut at the strands of thread.

If only she could reverse back time if only she could have changed her mind. She lost the time that she had and didn’t even get the thread through. “How could I have been so foolish? How could I have wasted so much time on useless things?” But she wiped away the tears and stood up to this man and told him of her regret. It’s never to late to start anew and she asked for his forgiveness. They hugged and cried and he said it was alright and she knew that this was true. Don’t focus on the meaningless things they will steal from what actually matters. Don’t keep pursuing the things that won’t change because in the end does it matter?

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Featured Photo Pavel Danilyuk on

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