7 Home Remedies For Diaper Rash!

My first born really had bad butt rashes since the day he was born. No matter what I did it seemed like it just wouldn’t go away. He just becomes very yeasty and his skin is very sensitive. Whenever I’m using a new product I have to make sure to test a small area on his body because he has had rashes from simple soaps that people have bought for us. For instance, the aveeno natural baby wash. But to be fair, the aveeno naturals even made my skin burn. I tried everything though and even have had topical medicine prescribed to him which helped improve it a tad.

I also found out that some of the products I was using had the potential to create a worse rash which was crazy! For instance Vaseline! I kept using it for a week but nothing was changing. I tried making my own pastes which helped some but most things lead to the same end. NOTHING SEEMED TO WORK. I desperately tried EVERYTHING and still nothing. Until one glorious day someone suggested an old trick in the book. So the first thing I want to mention is

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

1. Baking soda. Now you don’t put this right on their skins as it can burn them BUT you can put 1 tbsp in bath water and let them soak! I let him soak for 30-1hour and he loved it. He thought it was playtime but secretly we were making bum bum rashes disappear.

2/3. Epsom salt and Lavender baths. Epsom salt is great for putting magnesium back into your system and helping soothe sore muscles and for some reason it helped with my kids bum bum rash. In addition, 1-2 drops lavender in his bath helped out so much! Plus it made him smell super good! But lavender has been known to help ease and calm a person so it was great for my anxiety and calmed him of his butt hurt.


4. Cloth diapers. We tried Huggies but they burned his butt. Then we tried seventh generation, a generic brand and then pampers. Pampers worked out okay but we still saw rashes. We ended up switching to cloth diapers as you change them more frequently with cloth and it had a dramatic change on how long and how many rashes he would get.

5. Powders. I use corn starch instead of true baby powder. I noticed a rash forming after using anti monkey butt powder on his bum for two uses. Once I stopped it started to go away. I replaced the original powder with corn starch and use it on him EVERY change not just here or there. You sometimes got to do what you got to do when a kid has a rash.

6. Protecting creams. I stopped using everything except coconut oil, tender tush which I’ll talk a little bit more in just a second and olive oil. Olive oil apparently has some healing factors, not saying it will cure anything, but it has been claimed to help the skin heal and wound healing process.

7. The last thing I want to mention is Air. It is so important for air flow and diaper free time. This is because yeast loves moisture and if you allow them to have air time it will help in getting ride of the yeast.

*I am not a doctor, or saying it will cure, or giving you medical advice in any way, I just have been a desperate mama who found a way to help combat that nasty rash.

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