Panic To Prayer

I was sitting on my couch enjoying watching my older son play with some hand-me-down toys. My second son, on my lap cooing and rocking back and forth. As he was rocking I saw that one of his foot had dirt on it so I did what any parent does: lick their finger and rub it off.

But as I was rubbing something alarming happened as I couldn’t get this one part to come off. I looked at it for a moment and thought it looked like a blackhead…no wait a freckle?? A TICK?? And before I could stop myself, I frantically tried to get this little dot out of my second son. I called his doctor, my husband, my mom, and my dad. I googled images after images to see if what I was seeing matched the little dot in his skin.

I was panicking and the joy of the sweet moment was stolen. I felt myself age and my bones creak as the worry and tiredness flooded over me. I tried to move forward to deal with it but I stayed silent in worried thoughts that kept spinning over and over. I changed my kiddos, and started to put them down for a nap when my mom called me back as she was the only one who didn’t pick up when I called. I said could you please pray for me and explained what just happened.

She not only calmed me but we prayed peace and the conversation soothed me. Sometimes you just need a wise person and a calming touch to help you out of your mess. And telling someone to stop worrying or calm down doesn’t make the person stop worrying or even help the situation. I asked her to pray and we did. When we prayed we allowed the Lord to change the atmosphere. I felt peace, calm and knew God had me. We spoke life into my heart and truth, when the devil wanted me to fear and panic over a circumstance that wasn’t even true.

I’m happy and sad to say that I discovered that spot was not a tick. I’m sad because I allowed myself to panic. I chose to panic instead of pray. I panicked over a spot that probably was a blackhead…..Those moments where ruined by my worry that lead to thoughts that weren’t even true or things that never would happen. It’s okay now and Oliver is fine. It’s a moment in my motherhood that I won’t forget and I know it’s okay to be concerned but this was full on worry. I try to admit when I go over board and I just so happened to on this occasion. Let’s just say I’ll know when I see a tick and instead of panic I will choose to pray.

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