Body Image #11

Hi y’all! It’s another week so that means it’s another check in! To be honest, I really haven’t worked out a whole lot. We have been doing A LOT of yard work and I’ve only made an effort to workout 2 times this week. I also have been super hungry this week and I’m not sure why. Hormones? Maybe miss lady time coming back? Who knows! But all I want to do is eat and I don’t want to eat healthy.

Another thing I want to touch on is feeling like I have to preform. I am very tired and have a lot going on yet I still feel I need to lose weight and that I NEED to prove something to y’all. I’m starting to realize that I don’t have to prove anything. It’s hard though as I want to prove I can lose the weight without drugs. Diets, or fads. It becomes tempting when you step on the scale and it says you have gained more though. It sucks when you gain more. But I think y’all that have been walking with me on this journey hold me up no matter what the scale says at the end of the week. Gaining or staying stagnant in your weight doesn’t define you and should be an end all situation. I will lose those extra pounds and I will get to the goal that I’m after.

I also just want to touch on eating out. This last week we ate out a few times due to running out of time and the convenience of fast food. My weight was higher last week and is now dropping back down. I think the few days we are out and plus not exercising really impacted my weight this week. It’s okay though. No use in becoming discouraged or disappointed.


  • What am I working out to: popsugar fitness on YT
  • Original Weight (start date 02/27/20): 154 lbs
  • Last week weight: 137.6lbs
  • New weight: 138.2
  • Weight lost this week: I gained about a half a pound
  • Weight lost total: 17.1 lbs
  • Time working out this week: 2
  • Diet: Not great
  • Pant size: 8! 8 is great!

Ultimate Goal:

  • Reach a size 4/6
  • Reach 125 lbs
  • I have 17 more pounds to go!!

If you are liking my Body image journey please subscribe, like, and and tell me about your fitness journey in the comments below! * I am not a health or fitness coach. I am a mom who really wants to lose weight and be healthy. Please consult your doctor before working out. Thanks!

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  2. you go girl! you’ll get there. so proud of you xo

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