Life Update: Cutting Back

As of right now, I’m sadly going to have to cut back on a lot. I’m working on self care, and talking with my doctors on a plan for healing. I will be blogging 2x a month and 1x for YT video. I’m truly heart broken. My mind wants to do it all and be it all but I had to come to the realization that I can’t have it all or be it all.

It makes me wonder how Sarah Therese, Natalie Bennet and Megan Fox Unlocked do it. I’m sad and I’ve cried over this. I know what it takes to be successful and to get where I want to be but my body and health isn’t allowing me to go forth with it all. In addition, my faith, health and family is my number one priority. They are my first calling and will ALWAYS come first. If I have to climb over them to become “successful” then I’m doing this whole thing wrong.

However, I’m struggling to lay a personal desire down and I feel sad. Those who have had to make sacrifices understand! It’s hard to lay down the dreams that you feel God has called you too. In addition, it’s hard to know the outcome of life and what’s going to happen with my blog when I start only writing 2x a month and my YT when I’m posting 1x a month. I know God is in control and he works out everything for His purpose. I just need the strength to trust in him.

If y’all could let me know in the comments what is one thing you have struggled to let go of and how you managed to get through it I would love to know!! Thank you my friends!!

2 responses to “Life Update: Cutting Back”

  1. It’s not the best idea: “I will be blogging 2x a month and 1x for YT video. I’m truly heart broken.” If you feel bed u must continue to work. So, when u’ll feel good again u will see results from your work.


    1. I totally understand what you are saying, however I value my health and family at a higher statues than my work so while it would be nice to (maybe) gain a few more followers and write a few more posts it really isn’t that much of a difference in the grande picture if I take a step back for the time being. Thank you for your concerns 🥰


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