Dealing with Depression + Fitness Update

Hey everyone so I thought I’d pop in and talk about what I have been doing and going through. If you missed my other post on postpartum depression come click here! Recently I have cut back on a lot and I am still working on my health. I’m still working out but I keep fluctuating between 136-138. It’s not bad but I’d like to be seeing the results. So far I am feeling great mentally. I’ve been keeping up with my vitamins, and minimizing connections that are toxic or draining to be around. It’s helped a lot! I am now tackling my energy level. I think I may be struggling with adrenal fatigue. I connected with one of my friends who is an oil expert in Doterra oils and she mentioned the life long vitality pack. As she was mentioning what it is for, she named off exactly how I had been feeling even though I never told her the specifics of how I was doing. I am tired in the morning even after a peaceful sleep and wired at night even though I’m exhausted. So I decided after months of trying other natural items from the store to switch to this vitality pack and a few other items such as the probiotics and two others that I don’t know the exact name for.

When I receive the items I will be writing my review on the products as if they work or not. I am so hoping they will work as all the other options have gotten me this far but I may be lacking something this pack has. I had been told by a homeopathic Doctor a long time ago that when looking for homeopathic remedies you have to look at the symptoms and treat the symptoms. If you are using the incorrect treatment you will not see results or minor results. I guess that’s true to what I’m feeling right now. My doctor has been great at allowing me to explore natural options which I appreciate. I will add that if she or Ben said I needed to be medicated I would NOT be against that.

But I am glad my doctor isn’t just putting me on it immediately. It relieves a lot of anxiety and stress from my shoulders. If any of you don’t know, my mother was heavily medicated and it ruined her system. I know I am not her but the caution is still there as I had to live through my mothers mood swings, depression, and sometimes irrational behavior and I’m not saying this to bash her because she is a beautiful woman and my momma but it’s just apart of my past that I want to share. She is better now and on medication that works better for her system but I think she experiences pain from the past. I wished she didn’t cause life happens and God gives us so much grace to move forward. Anyway this is where I am at right now. Let me know In The comments below how you are doing!! 👇🏼

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