Kids Book Update #3

Y’all I finally have a button where you can help me out! The last year I have been in the process of publishing my very first kids book (I have two in total so far)! Although its so exciting, its going to take a lot of time, effort, and money. I am asking you to consider helping me reach my goal of $7,000. I know it’s a lot and I can do the break down in another post. So far I have received $500 which will be going to the illustrator September 1, 2020. This will help with the first down payment to get the book illustrated. The publisher has not gotten back to me on how much the publishing process will cost but if need be I will be asking for some help in the future. As of right now, the agreement papers are signed, the book is “Copyrighted”, and the book will take a year(ish) to be illustrated. Then its off to the publishing company. Thank you so much for your support. Your contribution is going to a dream that will become a great cause. My goal is to write more books, use the proceeds on what we need for our family and the rest be used to better our community, nation, and support family’s. I can’t do this by myself and I need your help to achieve this goal.

Note: I am not asking for a hand out or people thinking I should “just pay for it myself.” Sometimes dreams cost more than what we can afford and that is why I am asking for some no strings attached donations. Although if you donate $100 or more, I will be sending you a signed copy. You don’t understand how much this means to me and how excited I am for this. Please share this post and give it a like as well! Thank you!

So where is the button?

  1. Scroll down and look for this picture👇🏼 on computer screens it will appear on the side.
  2. Hit the PayPal Button. It will direct you to PayPal from there.
  3. Select amount you would like to donate
  4. That’s it! Thank you for your donation! Every bit helps.

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