I stayed off SOCIAL MEDIA for 1 year…and it was the best year of my life!

When I was pregnant with Oliver I knew that I wanted to stay off social media again. Why you may ask? Because I am prone to anxiety. There is a lot of garbage on social media claiming that their information is true when it’s false, or things to be claimed as false but are actually true, people bashing others for their thoughts and opinions and it can be just an overwhelming, mean place to be. When getting off, I was met with some mixed emotions from people wondering why on earth I would I get off social media. Others claimed “how will we connect” or “how will I see what your doing.” Which I responded with “you will just have to call me, FaceTime, or send me a picture or video.” I wasn’t doing it to be mean to them but I knew that I needed to step away because if I didn’t I would be constantly in a world of anxiety, turmoil, and hate.

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The idea actually sparked from a controversial subject on my FB. I wasn’t wanting to argue but have a genuine honest conversation. I’ve realized that very few people can do that in today’s society. I realized that people really show who they truly are on social media. I mean why not?? They are hiding behind a screen where they don’t have to take responsibility for the hurtful things they say. I noticed angry, self centered, biased, and that people were more concerned about themselves being heard and famous than listening to those around them. This isn’t something that has changed and it’s truly sad. I wished I could have came back to a happier place but once again I was met with the same old same old. On the other end, I saw people not caring, posting funny memes, or just trying to be genuine. But the bad outweighed the good. I rarely wanted to post about controversial subjects too. I comment here or there or sometimes post a post stating my beliefs but I try to stay away from those posts. I don’t like how people attack one another all in the name of “I need to be right,” try to back it up with facts, or whatever else. It doesn’t mean I am “not standing up for myself” or “don’t care.” It’s just I want to create a space of peace for my readers, FB people, and most importantly myself. So when I decided to turn off social media for a year* this is what happened.

The first thing I noticed was I craved being on my phone. I would pick up my phone, then remember I didn’t want to be on social media and put it down. I did this throughout the day and it was mind boggling how many times I picked up that darn phone. I eventually deleted all my apps but that wasn’t far enough. I would get on through the Internet software on my phone. So I made the decision to deactivate my accounts. I still checked my phone but started to realize that it wasn’t worth getting on due to the hassle of logging back in to a deactivated account. I started to worry…what if someone posts something and I need to respond or what if someone hacks my account. The what if’s went on and on. I wasn’t happy though on social media. I genuinely loved seeing happy posts but those were few. My health, happiness, and overall being needed to step away but it was hard to do. Little did I know it would be the start to one of the best year of my life.

Photo from Canva

Once I started to ween myself off my phone I noticed that I was a lot happier. I started to care more about my house and the things I had. I set schedules, I felt happy, my anxiety lifted and I became human again. I was able to be WITH my family and be intentional about the time with my son. Another thing was I started to stop feeling so sick and was able to rest at night. My neck stoped hurting and my mind was able to clear. I started to stop reaching for the phone and started pressing into God more and my relationship with my family improved. I wasn’t worried about “what if, who is, or watch out” posts. I wasn’t worried about people and what they thought. I didn’t care about my popularity or standing my ground on social media.

It was freeing…

My identity grew and my maturity expanded and I was able to listen to others while maintaining my own beliefs or allow myself to consider their point of view. Being off social media let me stop comparing myself to others and love the person God created me to be. I didn’t feel the urge to have my stuff be liked all the time and I didn’t feel the need to have something go viral. Although it would be cool if that did happen, I’m okay if it never does. Sadly, I think it’s time to pull away from certain social media again and focus on my blog. So if you want to connect then please follow me here on my blog or on my FB page. If you want to get my attention then tag me. If your a person who may be feeling these things it may be worth a try to step away. I promise you that few will notice you are gone (not saying you wont be missed) and those who do care for you will make an effort to reach out to you. There is a big attachment to social media and feeling the “I’m going to miss something” phase but I promise if you just set the phone down for a month you may just find your overall health and happiness improve. I’m not Guaranteeing anything but it’s worth a try. Has anyone else stepped away from social media? What was your experience?

*I did get on once or twice but immediately saw a post that gave me anxiety so I turned it back off again.

9 responses to “I stayed off SOCIAL MEDIA for 1 year…and it was the best year of my life!”

  1. Although I haven’t gone off social media completely, I deleted the Facebook app from my phone when everything with COVID started. Seeing everyone’s panicky posts just made my own anxiety worse. Now I check FB through my mobile browser occasionally, but I don’t do it often, and it’s helped a lot. I still use Instagram – I have a separate account where I show how I decorate my planner and other crafty stuff – and I’ve met some really kind people there. 😊

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    1. That’s awesome and I’m glad you realized that FB was a trigger. It is hard seeing so many triggering posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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  2. Everything you’ve pointed out here is so true! I was on FB, Twitter and Instagram several years ago, partially to keep up with friends and family but also because it became an expectation of my writing, particularly after my book was published in 2016. You would think that would be super exciting, but, really, in my case, it was not. What I found instead was such a dismaying place- either divisive, ugly discussions or pointless, shallow self-promotion. In the book selling arena, for example, it was always about being the best, the hottest, the one with the most likes, the biggest numbers-even in the Christian market, sadly. I simply could not squeeze myself into that mold. I felt myself becoming more and more stressed and discouraged. Finally, I just flat-out broke down. More than two years ago, I said enough, already, ceased the mad cycle of pushing my work, deleted all accounts, and just let myself breathe for a while. There were a few who were disappointed, my publisher for one, yet they also understood. Today, those who want to reach me in other ways do. I figured out who really cared that way. 😏 And I finally allowed myself back into blogging only about a year ago. I love writing, but I had to get the whole business side of it out of my system and arrive back where I wanted to be- focused on Him alone. Sorry for the novel, but this is always an area that gets me going! Appreciate your excellent thoughts on the matter here.

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    1. Yes, I related to everything you have spoken so much! Firstly, it’s so hard to get others to be excited with you which I don’t know why that is. Secondly, it’s hard when you pour your heart and soul into something and then you become burnt out. I am so glad you decided to blog again but turned your focus on Him alone. I think there is a lot more in store for you. And I appreciate Novel like comments. 😊

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  3. It will always happen. But the feeling of freedom and happiness is a reason to have regular intervals away 🙂


  4. I think i managed a couple of months. It was very refreshing but I had that niggling thought that I would be missing something important

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    1. I understand! I had that for a couple months, and on and off throughout the year. It did eventually subside though.

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