My Son Is Potty Training Himself?

I have been waiting for months till this day has come!! The day where my kiddo wanted to use the toilet. My 2 year old has always had issues with rashes and moisturizer issues in his diaper. He would get rashes so often I had to find ways that actually helped him get rid of the rash. I’ve been told that some kids clear up with the rashes once potty trained and let me be the first to say….It has been a long journey to this point and I am singing 🎶 hallelujah 🎶 Also if you would like more natural remedies that can help assist in healing a rash check out my blog on 7 Home Remedies For Diaper Rash! Now, I know this doesn’t happen to everyone and that sometimes kiddos don’t understand or it takes a longer time to get them to wanting to use the toilet. I am happy he is deciding to use the toilet and I didn’t have to convince him to do so though as I had been thinking about this for a long time.

For months, Ben and I had been looking for the signs that he was ready to transition. I knew I wanted to wait till he was ready before trying anything and in December we thought he was ready. He had been super curious in why we were going to the bathroom all the time and wanted to know why we sat down on the toilet. Before He had followed us in to see but then he just wanted to play with the doors to the cabinets. But since we saw a shift in him and that he was starting to take his diaper off; My husband bought him a potty. We were so hopeful that we would start showing him what to do but he thought it was just another toy to play with. It worked out alright as we then had Oliver and focused on life with two kiddos. Months passed, we moved into our new house and now two months after moving into our house he showed us that he wanted to use the potty.

Some of the signs I saw this time around was that he wanted to put toilet paper in the potty, flush it, and close the lid when we were done. Then we would wash our hands. But just this week, I took his diaper off and let him air out because he had a slight rash on his bum. My husband saw that he was starting to tinkle but before he could say anything Jediah grabbed, ran and tried to find me. Once he did I realized what was happening and placed him on the toilet. At first nothing happened. I knew he had to go as my husband told me he tinkled a few drops on the floor. I got him off the toilet and then decided to try seating him on his toilet. After a few minutes he went!!

♥️It was a proud mama moment♥️

I gave him a treat for tinkling and praised him for knowing what to do. Now looking back I realize he was ready a month ago as when he had an accident on the floor he would grab, run and spray leaving a trail behind him. He would then cry. I should have known but I know now so there isn’t a reason to beat myself up over it but he probably was feeling bad about peeing on the floor. I never made him feel bad either. Accidents happen and there is no use in yelling or making a fuss when they are learning and figuring out life.

It’s only been a day but he is already proud to go on the toilet every time. It is taking lots of watching to make sure he doesn’t have an accident somewhere hidden, but so far he quickly runs over to the potty in the room and sits down to go. Whether he needs to go each time or just remembers he could get a chocolate who knows. I know we are in the training process and I hope that this will be continual but we will only know as the days go by. I’m sure there will be regression but as long as we eventually move forward we can get him in underwear. He hasn’t done a 💩 so we will see how that goes too!!

As I am going into this stage here is what I want to know:
👉 what age did you start potty training?
👉 what has your potty training looked like? Pros? Cons? Mistakes? I want to know in the comments below!! 👇🏼

One response to “My Son Is Potty Training Himself?”

  1. I remember those potty training days. we use to use cherrios in the toliet bowl. aim and hit the cherrios. If i recall you pooped on the toliet before you peed . sounds like Jediah is ready what a big accommplishment!

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