Road To Healing

Depression Unfolding

I watched a video today about a woman who’s little kid was suffering. Firstly, it’s very sad that kids are feeling this way and I’m happy to share that they did receive help. I don’t know all the details but from what they did share the kid had been depressed, bullied and felt alone and on the verge of suicide. Imagine if that kid never was asked how they really felt or spoke up? No one would have helped and the worse possible fate could have happened. Sometimes in my depression journey I feel alone. It’s not that I am alone but I feel alone. No I’m not suicidal but I think when adults speak up about issues no one cares because we are adults. We “all” are depressed. We “all” are anxious. We “all” on and on and on…so should we just keep ignoring this outcry? Just because we are adults doesn’t mean anything. We just talk louder, fight over the same things and lust over what others want…we are just kids in bigger buns in the pan and to be honest just because we grow up doesn’t mean that depression, sadness, loneliness goes away. It can be just as big and bad as the boogie monster. I wished people supported me in other ways than just “your fine” or “you will get through this” but it is what it is and I am very blessed with those who have helped in some way.

If I ever have a chance to support someone by paying their way to seek therapy, drive them to therapy, or just sit with them and talk…which can we talk how awfully expensive good therapy is!?! That’s a crime right there if I’ve ever saw one. But I want and so hope I would see that chance to help someone else out. I hope and pray I won’t meet their needs with excuses. I’d go the extra mile, spend the extra time, and do what I could to make sure that YOU were okay.(all within reason too. 😉) I, thankfully, am doing a lot better and I have God, my husband, kids, and a few people who I didn’t realize they even saw me to thank. Thank you for being the people to see me, to hear me and to help me. You have helped me in this journey of healing. You have reached out to me, told me your stories and I take those kindnesses to heart. I am not completely 💯 but I’m sure getting there. I am planning on getting back into the swing of a normal routine and schedule for my blog and I have a give away coming up soon that you will not want to miss! But Ta Ta for now! 💋

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