Miracle At Mt. Sneffles

When my husband and I traveled out to Colorado, we were not expecting a God moment to happen. But very often God moments happen when you least expect. Now to you it may not be a huge miracle, but for two non-believers who had nothing really to do with God at the time it was monumental. In 2015, we decided to travel to Ouray Colorado. I packed my husbands suit case, my suit case and we traveled out to Colorado. We ended up missing our flight out there because of time changes we were not aware of. There also was a massive line in front of us due to a plane issue from the flight before us, we had to contend for a 100% refund instead of a partial refund, and contemplated if we should drive out there or drive back. We decided to drive to Colorado, an experience I will never forget or regret. A lot of exciting things happened in this trip that God was making a way for us to see him. At the time, I was curious about the faith I grew up with yet nothing inspired me to purse it further than just Curiosity. Ben was unsure about it all. He believed there could be a God but that there could be more out there than a divine being. On this trip, we hiked trails, swam in the hot springs and carved our names into a tree. The scenery was breathe taking and the air was crisp and cool. A place that is perfect for romance getaways. My husband must have felt that because he snuck a ring into the very suit case I packed, and proposed to me. It was magical and I loved the coziness of the village.

But the miracle was yet to come. We neared the last few days of our trip and we decided to climb a mountain called Mt. Sneffle. Ben wasn’t really wanting to go up the mountain, but I told him that we never have the chance again and wanted to climb it. I’m glad I voluntold him to go. It was one of the tallest peaks in Ouray if my memory stands correct. It was beautiful! The flowers in the fields below carpeted the base, the sun shined on the mountain and it was just beautiful. When we came to the base, we noticed it was covered with rocks of all shapes and sizes. It was only a 1/2 mile to the top but it took us 3+ hours to get to the top. We started our way up climbing one rock at a time. Unfortunately, when we were half way up my husband lost his phone. He had sat on a rock to rest and it slipped out..he didn’t realize it was gone till we had advanced forward. We looked everywhere for the phone yet we couldn’t find it. All the memories, contacts, and pictures were lost. Once we came to terms we were not going to find the phone we headed to the top. It was beautiful and the photos I’ve taken do not do it justice!

We were very sad when the trip was over but all good things must come to an end. When we were driving home I had the feeling God told me he would find bens phone, unharmed. I told Ben out loud that I believed God was going to give us his phone back in a week so there wasn’t a “ God didn’t say that” moment. Well a week went by and nothing happened until we reached the end of the week. Someone had called me from an unknown number, which I usually ignore unknown numbers. We ended up picking it up and a lady had called saying they had found our phone! It was a miracle! She said she had leaned over a rock to rest and saw the phone. The phone had been okay! The thing is those boulders are huge and toppling each other and there wasn’t a set path. It is a miracle she found the phone, unharmed and working.

She could have laid anywhere else in the world but she laid on that rock. God is real and this is just the start of the miracles he has done in our life. WE, Ben and I, can not say there isn’t a God. There have been to many times we have prayed and God has clearly spoke to us, through us, or used others to confirm what He is saying to us. He doesn’t give us all our wants and desires but he sure has provided our needs. The miracles in our life didn’t JUST happen out of the blue for two people who barely cared about God back then and they don’t just come out of the blue now. It was and always will be Jesus, something I didn’t understand until I pressed into his word without condescending thoughts, anger, or pride. Once I pressed in with love, hope, and a willingness to understand and learn that is when my eyes opened. It allowed the Holy Spirit to reveal life to me. God doesn’t always open up every ones eyes and it’s actually a personal choice you have to make. I made the choice to pursue him and He has never failed me.

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