Four Year Anniversary

Today is the day we celebrate 4 years of marriage but it feels like only moments have passed since that day. Their was so much to do and so many people who were able to celebrate our day with us. And a lot of photos!! But today I didn’t take a lot of photos as I wanted to honor the time I had with my husband. The day seemed to pass by so quickly but it was a very meaningful, intentional time. We enjoyed a beautiful meal at a new restaurant, where they served us some of the most delicious ice cream on earth. Then we decided to look at furniture because it was to hot to go for a walk. I’m just happy I got to spend the day with my one of my favorite people here on this earth. The other two favorites stayed home with Auntie Kitty. There is a lot I could say about the man I married and the time we have shared together. The one thing I notice about my husband is that he is almost always happy and ready to help anyone in need.

We have been through tough times, good times, and have been extremely blessed with the two boys God has given us. I am thankful that nine years ago I prayed a simple prayer in my car to meet the right man and that he would have a burning desire to be with me. I didn’t know anything about God then and I knew if He was real that I was far from deserving the request I had prayed. But when God has a plan in place He knows it’s good for us but we have to choose to take and allow ourselves to trust Him through each and every step. At the time Ben told me that he liked me for the last 3 years we worked together but never told me because I was pursuing the wrong men in my life. Boy I was dumb for not seeing the gold right in front of me. We met at our job and he spent 3 years waiting for me. How amazing and painful is love?

When he decided to tell me his feelings, I asked him why he was telling me now. He said that he had a “burning desire” to tell me, and I knew that he was the one. I wish I could say I broke it off with the man I was with at the time but I didn’t. You see I wasn’t in a healthy relationship and I didn’t know how to react to Bens kindness and unconditional love. I was used to men getting their way, being immature to get what they wanted, using me..and I allowed it because I didn’t know any better. I though that manipulation was normal but it isn’t and if a man puts you after his sexual needs then that’s a problem.

Anyway, after a couple grueling months, I finally realized that I was worth more and deserved to be happy. I was scared to leave the relationship I had because I didn’t know if Ben was a good guy. And fast forward to today, we are now happily married with two beautiful boys and celebrating our 4th anniversary. I am so glad that Ben kept pursuing me long ago and that I finally made the choice to be with him. God has been so good to us and I am excited for our life together. Love you Benny!

☀️ How long have you been married?

☀️ What is the best advice you can give us?

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  1. Beautiful

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  2. Happy Anniversary!🥳

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