Stranger Danger

In today’s post, I want to address the #saveourchildren movement and the attention that child trafficking is getting. I also want to stress the importance of talking with your kids about this. I know my mom did and I believe it saved us from an instance that happened as a kid. Keep reading till the end to read my story. Sadly, Kids have been used, raped, beaten, used in sweatshops, abused and kidnapped all in the name of money, and selfish sexual interests for 1000s of years. Thanks to social media we are just starting to touch on how deep this issue goes. There is an estimate of 800,000 kids who go missing a year, a number that is way to high for comfort. In addition, It’s crazy, morbid, disgusting..(Pick your word) that while we are in a pandemic, fighting racial issues that should have been dealt with years ago, and the presidential elections that pedophiles are wanting to use this time to become “normal”. You can bet that that will NEVER happen and this mama bear would do ANYTHING to protect her kids. But I am glad we are creating awareness about this issue. I’ve seen countless memes, messages, videos sharing about toys for kids that are exploited, kids shows that have adult humor in them, and celebrities that are being called out for their disturbed past/present issues. It’s about time we as a collective did something about this instead of just sit back.

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Kids are innocent, pure, and un-knowledgeable about sex or life for that matter. They don’t always get what is right or wrong. In addition, they don’t understand sexual feelings nor do they need to be exposed to that at such a young age. And to exploit a child for your greedy messed up sexual desire is morbidly wrong. But there are people out there that don’t see this as an issue. They think that it should be normal because they believe it’s like two consenting adults. And then there are people and parents (yup there are terrible parents who do this) who sell their own kids into sex slavery because of money/sex. There is no value put on a humans life because money is their god. Money is not worth more than a persons life, especially a kid. But this being all said, we are not to live in fear but to live wisely. We as parents need to take actions to protect our kids. These are some simple and easy ways to protect your kid. Don’t wait to do these things. These steps could help save a kids life or help prevent something bad happen to them. Unfortunately, things could happen if you do all these things but it’s better for a kid to be knowledgeable than to willing go with someone because they didn’t know any better. A couple ways of helping to protect your kids could be:

  1. Keeping kids private information private
  2. Stop sharing medical information/ dr office names, preschool, where you live, or work on social media
  3. Check your neighborhood area online for people who have committed crimes against kids: teach them to steer clear of their houses
  4. Teach them to recognize signs of strange behavior or questions
  5. Teach your kids if an adult ask you to keep a secret, even a family member, to not keep it hidden
  6. Speak up, speak out, and don’t keep it secret
  7. Remove name tags from bags or lunch boxes
  8. Get a wrist buddy: there is no shame in locking your wrists together in a crowded place so your kid can’t get lost or taken. Or those backpacks with leashes. I don’t care what y’all haters say about this. My kids life and safety is way more important than your opinion
  9. Create a safe phrase or word
  10. If lost, find a mom, police officer, or store associate
  11. Tell them to run, kick, and fight back. No need to be polite when someone is crossing your personal boundaries
  12. Talk with them about stranger danger. I think this one is the most important. Children will listen so don’t undermine what a child can comprehend
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My Story

One of the wisest things my mom ever did was have that chat with me. She didn’t undermine my age, over share details, or have to scare me into thinking it was a good idea not to talk to strangers. She warned me what to look for if someone ever asked me to follow them or try to abduct me. She even took me to a Walmart to show me the missing kids list. This was our “social media” bored back then on how to keep track of missing people. When I was about the age of 10, I asked my mother if we could go outside to get some fresh air. We were in a barber shop and the smells from the shaving oil made me feel sick. My sister and I made our way outside and we started to play around the front doors. As we were playing a lady approached us and started to chat with me. I can’t remember if she asked where we lived but I do remember her asking if I wanted to go with her to her car for some treats. I remember feeling panicked inside and knew something was off. I looked at her and told her I’d have to ask my mom. I grabbed my sister and we proceeded to walk inside. When I reached my mother I told her what happened. We stayed inside and the women was nowhere to be found after that. I am so glad she had that talk with me long ago because we could have been taken, raped, or killed. If my mother never took the time to educate me on what stranger danger could have looked like…a childhood instance could have turned out for the worse. I wish that this didn’t have to be a thing and I pray fervently for my kids to be safe and smart. In addition, I pray over every amber alert I get on my phone. I pray the kid will be returned safe and sound and I pray for the parents as well. It’s sad that there is an estimate of 2,000 kids go missing a day in the USA. This is a number that should be zero. Help spread awareness on this subject and let’s put an end to child trafficking, abduction, and the exploitation of kids.

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